When will USC football become prominent again?

Football legends do their magic in Rappottenstein

Ex-kicker from USC Rappottenstein and a selection of Lower Austrian soccer legends will duel on June 17th for a good cause.

Football for a good cause
Football legends such as Anton Pfeffer, Christian Keglevits and Raimund Hedl will serve the good cause on June 17th and compete against a selection of former USC Rappottenstein kickers. The so-called "Knights of Passion" will face numerous prominent figures and, in addition to the "entry fee" already donated, will support the Rappottenstein children's castle in the course of a charity auction from SPORT.LAND Niederösterreich. The hoped-for sumptuous amount, which is to be collected through the event, will then benefit the institution of the Red Cross, which is based in the medieval Rappottenstein Castle. This has done a great job for many years and helps children and families find peace and relaxation in difficult times.

The benefit program
In addition to the big showdown between the ex-kickers, a youth game that takes place in advance and the unveiling of a newly made wooden knight - the club's mascot - ensures a great and exciting football afternoon. Then the time has come and the duel awaited with excitement and joy, knights out of passion vs Lower Austria legends, can be enjoyed to the full. Here, the spectators can expect not only a nationally and internationally experienced troop on the part of the guests, which were able to complete a strong 209 games for the Austrian national team, the home side can also meet numerous players who over the years with their commitment on and outside the Football field that shaped the USC.

Well-known field of participants
As already mentioned, a well-known guest team will present itself to the audience in the "fortress" Rappottenstein, which is composed as follows:

  • Raimund Hedl
  • Ewald Jenisch
  • Anton Pfeffer
  • Thomas Zingler
  • Peter Artner
  • Anton Haiden
  • Erwin Höld
  • Andreas Herzog
  • ...


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