Owns BMW Land Rover

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover Bavarian / British engine works

Both companies are jointly developing drives for new electric cars.

In the automotive industry a new age of collaborations is in full swing. Autonomous driving, digital services and new forms of drive are turning competitors into development partners. VW is working through its subsidiary Audi with the Hyundai Motor Group in the field of fuel cell technology, while arch-rivals BMW and Mercedes are working together to develop technologies for autonomous cars.

Now BMW has also started a cooperation with Jaguar Land Rover, the British car manufacturer with Indian owners, to develop new electric drives. Both sides already have their own electric cars on offer, and BMW was even a pioneer with the i3 in 2013. Jaguar has the much-noticed, but according to information from dealers and customers hardly deliverable, I-Pace on offer.

In 2020, with the electric BMW iX3, which will be built in China, a new generation of BMW's electric drives will hit the market. Build drive systems on this basis, which will be developed together with Jaguar Land Rover in the future.

The cooperation partners will start the production of the electric drives separately from each other, so that one also wants to preserve the respective brand values. In addition, the drives are adapted to the individual brands. Jaguar Land Rover will be producing electric drives at a plant in Wolverhampton, UK. The Jaguar I-Pace is built by the contract manufacturer Magna in Graz.