How do I delete my tablet

Android Safely Erase Android: How to Remove All Data from Your Phone


Would you like to give your Android smartphone to someone else? But are you afraid that this person could read your personal data? Then you should do more than just factory reset your Android device. With the help of our instructions, you can pass your Android smartphone on to a new owner with a clear conscience - without worrying about your private data.

Securely delete Android smartphone - that's how it works

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. Back up your data using a backup. We'll explain how to do this in this article.
  2. Now you need to download an erasing tool such as iShredder in order to erase your data really safely. The program is available in different versions. The free basic version is sufficient to completely remove your data.
  3. Delete all account links and log out of all apps, for example Facebook or email. You can find your shortcuts by clicking the "Settings"Open the menu. There you open the menu item"Users"(not with the sub-item"Users"in the menu item"device"confuse) the sub-item"Accounts". Here you can see all accountsyour device is associated with. If you select a single account, you can use the Settings menu (three points) the "remove account".
  4. Now you should use your smartphone reset to factory settings. Instructions can be found here.
  5. Install the iShredder program. You need a Google account again so that iShredder can be downloaded from the Playstore. If necessary, create a second Google account so that you don't have to verify yourself with your real Google account again.
  6. Now press "Summary & Delete"so that your data is deleted.
  7. After that, make sure again that all account links deleted are and reset your smartphone back to factory settings
  8. In the last step remove your SD card from the cell phone. You can do this read out and format on the computer. Like yours Securely delete data from a storage mediumwe explain to you here.