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Social media - does that have to be?

We don't have to think twice about this question: In any case, social media is a must. Social networks are, so to speak, the digital boost for companies, brands and products. If you do it right on Facebook, Twitter & Co., you will secure a strong website with recognition value. Because hand on heart: can you imagine a more honest barometer than social media? Who gives you better feedback than the online communities - be it praise, criticism or abstention. The main thing is that you know where you are. The users have nothing to lose. You rate brands and products openly and honestly. And it is precisely this authenticity that drives you forward in brand management. What is good, what is better? You can strengthen your performance with feedback from the social communities.

And we would like to support you with this. As an experienced social media agency, we have the digital competence that makes your brand big. The best thing to do is to convince yourself. We can do that for your social media presence.

Strategy is everything

A tweet on Mondays, a Facebook post on Tuesdays, Instagram on Wednesdays, TikTok on Thursdays, a new YouTube video on Fridays - on social media you just do what you think? That can go well, but it doesn't have to be. If you are lucky, it is not always the best choice in social networks. On the contrary: a system is needed. And that's exactly what we take care of.

Keyperformance develops a coherent social media strategy with recognition value. We skillfully bring your corporate goals, target groups and social media channels together. A strong overall package is made from many small individual parts.

What are your target groups interested in? We'll find out. Together we not only work out relevant key topics, but also identify suitable social media channels for your messages. Where is your message best received and when? Of course, we don't leave success to chance. On the contrary: we regularly check your results. What's going well? Where is there still room for improvement? Because standing still is not our style. We like to develop further.

Smart social media support

One or two Facebook photos and an Instagram post per week is social media marketing enough? No, there is much more to a professional, credible social presence than randomly selected content. Our social media experts know what they're talking about.

They are happy to use their expertise for your virtual performance. Your key to success: consistent target group focus and observation. Only those who keep an eye on the big picture can ensure convincing, effective social media marketing in the long term.

As experienced social media agency we keep your social presence in good shape. We continuously optimize your social media marketing activities. Monitoring and screening are a matter of course for us - just like reliable identification of digital dialogues with virtual stakeholders. To do this, we use unique, professional content with high added value and combine it with appropriate visual material. So the hoped-for feedback dialogs are not too long in coming.

Profiling by professionals

You are not yet represented on social media. But that is about to change. The only thing that is still missing for social presence is a strong partner at your side. How about key performance?

Our professionals are happy to take care of strong social media profiles that stand out from the crowd - whether on Facebook, TikTok or YouTube. Of course, geo-marketing is also part of the overall package. In other words: We design your profiles in such a way that the entries can be easily tracked locally. Because local references are extremely well received by Google & Co. In no time you will improve your online ranking.

Reputation management - polishing up the image

How is your product doing? How good are your customers at talking about your company? What does the competition have that you don't? Questions about questions that are not that easy to answer. Fortunately, keyperformance likes to get to the bottom of things.

We reliably analyze your status quo online. With selected social media strategies, we get a clear picture of your reputation. What do you receive praise and criticism for? At the same time, we strive for proactive evaluation and question management - whether on or off the social platforms. Based on our results, we will give you valuable tips for even more appropriate social media marketing - perfectly tailored to the requirements of the various channels. With the help of individual communication guidelines, we actively encourage dialogue with your target group. In this way, you will get exactly the feedback that will help you move forward as a company. And best of all: thanks to our social media checklists, our communication guidelines can be implemented quickly and easily in practice.

Influencer marketing & web monitoring - the advertising of the future

No doubt: influencers are the advertising media of the future. Hardly anyone markets products, brands and companies more authentically and everyday than they do. The only question left is: which influencers are right for you?

We'll find out for you. As an experienced social media agency, we keep an eye on the entire social landscape. All the more suitable influencers come to mind that fit perfectly with your marketing project. We take care of relevant digital stakeholders and analyze their networking and interaction patterns. If we have found a promising contact, we will put out feelers for you. Our experts seek a dialogue with the influencers and promise you a win-win situation. Both parties benefit from working together.

Social media training - because social skills are power

Are you still not feeling well in the area of ​​social media? That can be changed. Social media training courses make you fit for social networks. You can finally add high-quality content to your channels safely, independently and sustainably - without any outside help.

Let us worry about the trappings - from the preparation to the implementation and the follow-up. And this content awaits you:

  • the basics of social media marketing
  • Item with recognition value
  • promising contribution templates
  • structured annual editorial plans
  • sustainable success measurement

And who knows: If we can convince you with our knowledge during the training, we may have a long-term cooperation. In any case, it would be an honor for us to welcome you on board.

Social media workshops that work

A new social media project is pending. And how could you better prepare yourself and your employees for this than with a professional social media workshop? Of course, we take care of the entire organization. We gently introduce you to the wide world of social networks, clear away any last doubts and encourage self-determined action on Instagram, Twitter & Co.

To do this, we analyze your current status on social media and suggest relevant channels and strategies for optimizing your website. There are of course instructions for self-organization on top of that.

Profitable social media reporting

Social media marketing is much more than just a little bit of posting. You also have to be able to handle numbers. Only those who know their values ​​and check them regularly can make a name for themselves on social networks. But statistics are not for everyone - but ours are. Our professionals are happy to support you with social media reporting.

Our experts regularly provide you with detailed reports on your social media activities. And what's more: on the basis of their results, they suggest promising optimization strategies.

What else can we do for you?

SEO & SEA - a strong team

There is no getting around SEO and SEA in online marketing. But neither search engine optimization nor search engine advertising make themselves. The opposite is the case. If you want to be found online, you have to invest. Fortunately, you have already found the right contact person. We at keyperformance are happy to help you with SEO and SEA. From the right strategy to the research of relevant keywords to professional training - with us you get everything from a single source. Sounds good? Then let us advise you today.

Email marketing with character

Admittedly, email marketing is a challenge. What has to happen so that the message does not end up in the trash? How do you finally get the reader to click? We'll tell you. Our experts are familiar with email marketing. From the right strategy to the setup of e-mailing systems to detailed training - we want your e-mails to make an impression.

Sounds good? We would be happy to send you more information about our email marketing. Just get in touch with us and let us work together to make your emails eye-catching.

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