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Most of the owners of trendy smartphones of the phone or the smartphone HTC model desire C na. Operating system Android 4.0 with a color screen, 16.78 million colors - 320x480 dpis believe that it is impossible to change the firmware in these gadgets, but they do are deeply wrong.

The reasons the phone needs to blink smartphone-HTC. Desire C model on the Android 4.0 operating system with a color screen, 16.78 million colors - 320x480 dpi, very different: If the device completely refuses when it is spontaneously restarted, you have to restore the software after an unsuccessful installation wanted on most install new version firmware.

Firmware flashes smartphones HTC One A9, 626, Desire 816 and other models.

- You can output the firmware on all the phones of the phone, the HTC smartphone model Desire C on the Android 4.0 operating system with a color screen, 16.78 million colors - 320x480 dpi.

Even next to the topic of firmware on smartphones under Android, there is an article review:. It tells in detail in detail, there is a video instruction on how to reflash your mobile device on Android Kit KAT.

In what cases should the firmware of the smartphones of the phone be updated, the HTC smartphone model wishes C on the Android 4.0 operating system with a color screen, 16.78 million colors - 320x480 dpi and for other models:

If the phone does not turn on, although the reason is not in the firmware;

When the phone keeps failing and reboots;

If made unsuccessful firmware and the phone must be returned to its original state.

If you want to install the last one, the most modern version is the firmware;

Download firmware, programs, Festert and firmware HTC.

Download free firmware for your HTC phone from a computer.

- Official manufacturer of HTC mobile phones for the following 626 models, Desire 816, Desire 300, and others. When you click the link, you can enter the name and codecode and model code and download software and firmware, for example for HTC 626, Desire 816, Desire 300, you can also download RU, RP, software and drivers to your mobile phone Device.

Search softwareFirst of all, you should always be kept on the official website of the manufacturer of electronics, there is always the most relevant and fresh firmwares on the phone. hTC phone An M7 with color screen Super LCD. 3, Touch DPI and other models with different characteristics.

Instructions for the HTC firmware.

So flash smartphone. Firmware toast on the phone example HTC One. M8, one M7.

In the smartphone we go to the settings- \ u003e for the developer and enable USB debugging.

We connect the USB cable from the phone to the computer and install firmwares.

Disconnect the phone from the computer, turn it off, and remove the battery.

We start the SP flash tool on the computer, it is required to fill the new firmware on the phone.

Press the Scatter-Loading button in the program window and select the MT6589_ANDROID_SCATTER_EMMC.TXT file in the window that opens (you can find it in the folder with other new firmware files). After opening, all paths are written to the program to update files.

Uncheck the box from the first item - Preloader (otherwise the phone won't charge).

Now press the download button. Answer "Yes" to every popup message.

Connect your smartphone (using USB cable) on the computer, the new firmware will automatically start pouring into our device.

At the end of the process, a window with a green circle will appear. You can disconnect the phone from the PC and lock it.

Read more about how to do it, you can see in the video tutorial:

To look for firmware on the internet you need to know the model of your phone you are flashing. Quickly find out the phone model and the version of its firmware, you can enter code in the phone *#0000# .

Flashing instructions for HTC One M8, one M7

Another example. Instructions for firmware. HTC cellphone one M8, one M7.

Firmware for the phone HTC One M8, one M7: firmware for download

Firmware HTC. One m8, one m7

HTC one M8s. It's a Taiwanese smartphone we're going to tell you how to get root, reset settings, or grab a graphical key. It works on Android 4.4. There are instructions and firmware for this model from HTC. Incidentally, its productivity is estimated in 5 points. This smartphone is powerful.

Root on htc one m8s

How do I get? root for HTC One M8s See the instructions below.

Below are universal programs to get root rights to devices on the Qualcomm Snapdragon

  • (Need a pc)
  • (Ruth with PC)
  • (Popular)
  • (Root in one click)

If the rights of superuser (root) does not appear or does not appear (you can install yourself) - ask a question in this topic. It may take the custom kernel firmware.


  1. Battery capacity: 2840 mA?
  2. Battery type: Li-polymer
  3. Battery: Not removable
  4. Announcement date: 2015-04-02
  5. Type: smartphone.
  6. Weight: 160 g
  7. Control: screen buttons
  8. Case material: aluminum
  9. Operating system: Android 4.4
  10. Case type: classic
  11. Number of SIM cards: 1
  12. Sizes (shxvxt): 70.6x146.36x9.35 mm
  13. SIM type: Nano Sim
  14. Screen type: Color Super LCD 3, Touch
  15. A kind of touch-sensitive screen: Multitach, capacitive
  16. Diagonal: 5 inches.
  17. Image size: 1920x1080
  18. Number of pixels per inch (PPI): 441
  19. Automatic screen rotation: Yes
  20. Scratch Resistant Glass: Yes
  21. Membrane: F / 2
  22. Camera: 13 million pixels., LED flash
  23. Camera functions: autofocus
  24. Video recording: Yes (MP4)
  25. Max. Video resolution: 1920x1080
  26. Front camera: yes, 8 million pixels.
  27. Audio: MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, stereo dynamics, FM radio
  28. Headphone jack: 3.5 mm
  29. Video output: MHL
  30. Interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11AC, Bluetooth 4.0, Irda, USB, NFC
  31. Standard: GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A Cat. four.
  32. DLNA support: Yes
  33. Satellite navigation: GPS / GLONASS
  34. A-GPS system: Yes
  35. Support of LTE range: bands 3,5,7,8,20
  36. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939, 2300 MHz
  37. Number of processor cores: 8
  38. The volume of built-in storage space: 16 GB
  39. RAM volume: 2 GB
  40. Video processor: Adreno 405
  41. Memory card slot: Yes, up to 128 GB
  42. Control: voice set, voice control
  43. Sensors: lighting, proximity, gyroscope, compass, barometer
  44. Airplane mode: yes


Firmware for HTC One M8S

Officially android firmware 4.4 [stock rom file] -
Custom firmware HTC -

The one M8S-HTC firmware can be run in different ways. If the firmware file does not download here, then create a topic on the forum, in the section, in the section, experts will help you and add firmware. Do not forget to write a review of 4-10 lines using the smartphone, it is important. HTC's official website is unfortunately not going to help solve this problem and we are free to solve it. This HTC model has Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939, 2300 MHz on board, there are such flashing methods:

  1. Recovery - Flashing directly on the device
  2. Special utility from the manufacturer or
We recommend the first method.

What are the Castom firmware (firmware)?

  1. Cm - cyanogenmod.
  3. Paranoid Android.
  4. Omnirom.
  5. Temasek's.
  1. AICP (Android Ice Cold Project)
  2. RR (Resurrection Remix)
  3. MK (Moke)
  4. Flymeos.
  5. Bliss.
  6. herb-
  7. Illusion of Rome.
  8. Pacman Rome.

HTC smartphone problems and cons, and how to fix them?

  • If an M8s does not switch on, e.g. For example, you will see a white screen attached to the screen saver or just an alarm indicator flashing (maybe after charging).
  • If it gets hung up when you turn on / hung up when you turn on (you need a blinking, 100%)
  • Not charged (usually iron problems)
  • Does not see the SIM card (SIM)
  • Camera does not work (for larger scopes, hardware problems)
  • The sensor does not work (depends on the situation)
For all these problems please turn to (you just need to create one topic) specialists help, free of charge.

Hard reset for HTC One M8S

Instructions on how to do HARD RESET. on HTC ONE M8S ​​(reset settings). We recommend getting to know each other with the Visual Guide, which is accessed on Android. .

Settings reset codes (open the dialer and enter them).

  1. *2767*3855#
  2. *#*#7780#*#*
  3. *#*#7378423#*#*

Hard reset over recovery

  1. Disable the device- \ u003e Go to recovery
  2. "Delete data / factory reset"
  3. "Yes - delete all user data" - \ u003e "restart system"

How do I recover?

  1. hold down the VOL (-) [volume down] or Vol (+) [volume] and the power switch (power).
  2. the menu appears with Android. Everything you in recovery!

Resetting the settings on HTC One M8S can be done in a completely simple way:

  1. Settings- \ u003e recovery and reset
  2. Reset the settings (below)

How to reset the graphics key

How to lose a graphic key if you forgot and now there is no way to unlock your HTC smartphone. On the one M8S model, the key or PIN code can be removed in a number of ways. You can remove the lock and reset the settings, the blocking code will be cleared and deactivated.

  1. Reset graph. Castles -
  2. Reset Password -

And article receipt. Root HTC. An M8 will help you!

What is root?

For those who just became a newcomer or are not an expert in the vast Android world and not particularly familiar with the concept of how - Root Androidas well as why it is needed, what can be done after getting roots right or so, how to get rid of them when they are no longer needed, that is all from the detailed article -!


In this article there are no "left" links or unnecessary actions. Cuts If you really need root rights, read carefully and read step by step, this is a guarantee that you will get everything right! This article on how to get root rights is divided into two parts: The first part is Required components and conditionsThe second part is Instruction How to get root privileges on files and programs. If in the process of the root android rights constantly restart or in the eternal load process (it happens extremely rarely, but anyway) it is worth it. Let's get root rights now!

Android manufacturers sometimes produce new firmware where it is impossible to get any of the suggested ways to get root if the article still has alternative methods, try them. Can't specify android version anyway. And the firmware version in the comments (you shouldn't write nasty slides that you don't or others don't put). Hang Android (not loaded), read and reread from the first paragraph, all the necessary links are in the article!

Have any questions?

Have any questions or can't get root privileges on your Android? Leave comments that you happened or didn't exercise, or you otherwise did.

Necessary to get root privileges

To method number 1 (universal, complex)

1. Computer or laptop (OS-Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1)

1. A charged battery at least 50%

2. I. downloaded I. installed program ADB Run.

To method number 2 (easy)

1. Charged HTC one M8 smartphone, at least 50% of the battery

2. Enable applications by installing applications not from Google Play "

3. Download. last version applications wrist. and install on a smartphone

Instructions on how to root HTC one m8

Method 1.

1. Archive update Moving to the phone memory

2. After the boot loader, log into the boot loader menu again.

3. Run the ADB-Run brand program and go to the menu Fastboot -> Restoration.

4. In the window that opens, move the TWRP recovery file. - OpenRecovery-Twrp .... IMG, close the window and press the ENTER key.

When you have a message at the command prompt:


a) You may not have installed a driver or you may need to reinstall it

b) The smartphone is not in bootloader mode and is available for reclamation again

c) Connect to another USB port Pc.

6. Install this archive update From the recovery menu

7. Reload the smartphone. Receive root rights!

Method 2.

1. Appendix t Reset Owelroot on the smartphone and install it. If such a window appears, allow and continue