Where can I sell FIFA coins?

Sell ​​FIFA Coins - Where and How?

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In one of our posts with the greatest reach, we deal with the topic of where and how you can best buy FIFA Coins. In this post we want to deal with the opposite situation. Where and how can you best sell FIFA Coins? We'll clarify that now!

Why sell FIFA Coins?

Every season every FIFA player probably asks himself the question of whether he can sell surplus FIFA coins somewhere. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Either you are just way too good and get the best packs every week at the Weekend League. Perhaps you were incredibly lucky at a pack opening and now have so many FIFA Coins that you want to supplement your pocket money with them. Or you are an experienced trader and have countless millions of FIFA Coins on your account and don't even know what to do with them.

Where to sell FIFA Coins?

That's a good question. When it comes to buying FIFA Coins, you are spoiled for choice. At this point I can recommend our blog from June 9th, 2020, which we update once per season. However, when it comes to selling your FIFA Coins, things get tough.


Ebay used to be the first point of contact to sell your own FIFA Coins for a good price. However, on eBay you run the risk that the buyer will withdraw the money via PayPal. And if you only offered bank transfers, you reduced the number of buyers. Unfortunately, a new problem has now been added - EA has your offers removed relatively quickly due to copyright infringements.
I am not aware of any case that this would have resulted in any legal consequences, but I would advise you against eBay for this reason.


You can sell your FIFA Coins at MMOGA. At least that's what MMOGA advertises. However, the demand for FIFA coins at MMOGA season after season has continuously decreased. Even now that I am writing the article, there is unfortunately no player I could buy for a fee.

MMOGA panel

The system was also not revised. That means, as before, you usually have to buy the players for the max price. What was not a problem at all a few seasons ago is becoming an ever greater security risk year after year. I would therefore not recommend you to buy players for the max price. You are putting your EA account at risk. However, from time to time there are also players at MMOGA who can be bought below the maximum range. However, this is often a matter of luck.
Link to the sales page of MMOGA


At this point I am particularly proud of my research work, because the myDGN panel will only be accessible to everyone this season in order to sell FIFA coins directly. The site has been around for a while, but in the past it was only accessible to professionals and insiders who sold their FIFA Coins directly via its interface. The sales panel for FUT Coins is very different from what I knew before. And honestly, it's a lot better. And I don't promise you too much in that regard. It is definitely worthwhile to register there and see the whole thing. After logging in, you will land directly on a page where new players for PS4, XBOX One and sometimes for the PC pop up every minute. The whole thing looks like this:

myDGN panel

In the preview you can see the respective player, the market price and the selling price for which you should buy the player. The difference between the market price and the selling price is the amount of FIFA coins that you transfer with the purchase of the player. You can also see directly how much money you get for a player.
After you have selected a player, you will find out more data such as contracts, transfer time, owner, etc., so that you buy exactly the player shown. If you now buy it with your own FIFA account, all you have to do is confirm the purchase. Then myDGN checks whether the player has really been bought. If this is the case, the money will be credited to you. I have already done this several times and everything has worked flawlessly so far, including the payout. So if you want to sell FIFA coins, you should at least try myDGN once.
Link to the myDGN sales page


You can also try to sell your FIFA coins on Facebook. There are already some groups there that allow FIFA Coins to be traded or that have been set up specifically for this purpose. However, you should always discuss this with the respective admins. Otherwise it can happen that you will be removed directly from the group again. All in all, however, the route via Facebook is not recommended, as there are even more risks there than, for example, on eBay.

How to sell FIFA Coins?

One word - patience. We have years of experience with FIFA Ultimate Team and unfortunately it has become more difficult from year to year to transfer FIFA coins without risk. However, there is still a method that still works without putting your FIFA account at greater risk. Use the following page to look up the AVG (average price) of a player: Link to Futbin
Take at most that 2.5 times the average price of a player to sell or transfer your FUT Coins. Also make sure that you have enough space between the coin transactions if you only use one account for it. As a guide, apply here 8-12 hours per transaction.