Who wrote the film Night School

Night school

Film plot and background

Comedy by and with "Central Intelligence" star Kevin Hart about a group of school failures who graduate from night school.

Because detention, reprimands and the threat of expulsion have long ceased to work, a group of outsiders is sent to evening school without further ado. There the troublemakers are supposed to graduate. Surrounded by their adult "classmates", the group devises a whole series of insane pranks to spoil the everyday life of their teachers at night school as well. Do students really have a chance to graduate?

"Night School" - theatrical release

Only a few details are known about the planned detention comedy by Kevin Hart. However, filming began in September 2017. In addition, a cinema release has been set for “Night School”. According to Universal Pictures, “Night School” is slated to open in cinemas on September 28, 2018. Experience shows that the film will come to Germany only a few weeks later.

“Night School” background

For the actor Kevin Hart, the planned comedy "Night School" is a real affair of the heart. The “Central Intelligence” and “Ride Along” star should not only appear in “Night School”. In addition, he also produces the film. Kevin Hart wrote the script with long-time co-authors Harry Ratchford and Joey Wells ("Kevin Hart: What Now?"). Matthew Kellard ("The Real Husbands of Hollywood") and "Bad Neighbors" director Nicholas Stoller were also involved in the script.