Is the flute a jazz instrument

Lessons in wind instruments

In the wind instrument family, we differentiate between wood and brass instruments, which has less to do with the material used and more to do with the mouthpiece.
The starting age differs depending on the amount of effort required for holding and for the blowing technique.
However, there are now child-friendly models for almost all instruments. It is best to discuss this topic at an individual appointment with our teacher!

Learn the recorder - beginners and advanced

The recorder (Carolin Ebnet, Irmgard Kessler) is an often underestimated instrument. While it is great as an introductory instrument, it takes as much practice as any other instrument to play really well.
It is available in all sizes from sopranino to subbass and you can use it to explore the whole range of musical styles from old to new and from U to E.

Learning to flute - flute lessons in Ottobrunn near Munich

The Flute (Ulrike Lehmann, Stephanie Münkel, Britta Steinbauer) is one of our most popular instruments. Just like that clarinet (Birgit Flähmig) it is equally suitable for chamber music, orchestra or wind orchestra and these two instruments are at home in all styles.

Learn to play the oboe and bassoon

Who the double reed instruments oboe or bassoon will soon be in demand as a member of chamber music ensembles and orchestras, because they are not learned very often. We like to try to find a teacher if someone is interested in one of these beautiful instruments!

Learn saxophone - saxophone lessons

The saxophone (Hermann Rid) is mainly perceived as a jazz instrument, but is also used in classical music. With us you can also play chamber music or join the big band.

Brass instruments - trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba

As Brass you are welcome everywhere, because this family of instruments is used in early music as well as in the wind orchestra, in the symphony orchestra and in jazz.

If Trumpet and French horn, the so-called "high sheet" (Josef Kronwitter), or the "deep sheet" Trumpet, euphonium and tuba (Christian Kramer): Just like with the flute, clarinet and saxophone, you can get started through our cooperation project with the Ottobrunn grammar school, the “wind class”, or you can register with us directly at the music school.