How do I read the English newspaper correctly

Newspaper article - write newspaper articles

In your Abitur examination you can get the task, the information from the present text in the form of a Newspaper article (newspaper article) to represent.

How do I write one newspaper article? - Structure and key questions

A newspaper article should do that interest of the reader and thereby a certain construction consequences. Some of the following aspects may already come from the chapter "How do I analyze a newspaper article?" known before. Like you did when writing one newspaper article procedure is described in more detail below.

1. Headline and subheadings 

The heading (headline) is of particular importance as it attracts the reader's attention. She is said to be the so-called eye-catching effectachieve. The topic should therefore be presented precisely and concisely in the heading. To shorten the headline, you can often click Verbs and Dispense article. The heading should be the core of the article and thereby memorable(catchy) be. A Subheading(subheading) can narrow down the topic of the article more precisely and a longer newspaper article can also go through Subheadings be structured

2. Byline

In the so-called byline will that date and the Name of the author called. In your Abitur exam you should enter your own name here.

3. create a lead - introduction 

Often newspaper articles are just skimmed over. Therefore, the important information mentioned right at the beginning of the article. Immediately in the first sentence or sentences, the W questions can be answered so that the reader learns the essentials even without reading the entire article. This part of the article is in English lead or head paragraph called.

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create the lead

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?

4. body - Bulk

in the Bulk(body) The following is a more detailed explanation of the events by referring to previous events, reasons or more detailed circumstances. In this part the results are embedded in a context. You should structure your text with the help of thematically delimited paragraphs.

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  • Why did the incident happen?
  • What are reasons for the issue / conflict?
  • What has happened before?
  • How exactly did the incident happen?
  • What are the particulars?

5. conclusion - Enough

To the Enough summarize the statements of the article in one sentence. In addition, you can have a outlook give into the future and respond to the consequences of the event. You can also use a rhetorical question(rhetorical question), which is intended to make the reader think.


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If possible, stick to writing a newspaper article lens. Describe the events Notone-sided and renounce on your own opinion bring in. Also, you should be careful of the information not exaggerated to represent and no clich├ęs(stereotypes) to use. The reader should have the opportunity to form his own opinion.