Who is the founder of the Igbo

Fruit a.D. Karl Anton Stainer

Founder of the IGBO,
first chairman of the IGBO and honorary chairman

is after severe, patiently endured suffering

The indivisible responsibility as commander of a Landwehr tribe regiment on the one hand and the impotence to improve the situation for his officers on the other hand were decisive for the fact that Obst a. In 1990, D. Karl Anton Stainer referred to the situation of officers, especially those in service, and expressed his displeasure about it.

This led to violent reactions from the officer corps and finally in 1991 to the establishment of the Interest Group for Professional Officers (IGBO). It was clear that Colonel Stainer would become the first elected chairman of this community.

He held this position until his retirement and was then appointed honorary member and chairman as a thank you for his initiative.

The IGBO mourns the loss of a comrade who practiced justice for the soldiers entrusted to him and demanded where his hands were tied. The IGBO mourns a role model that was not afraid to speak out publicly against injustice.

"If you keep silent, you agree!" he once said in a board meeting. And: "I cannot keep silent, wrongly." he got to the heart of his opinion.

The IGBO Executive Board remains committed to this opinion of the IGBO's founder. Therefore, our founder and honorary chairman continues to work in our community and will not be forgotten.

Fruit a. D. Karl Stainer was buried on April 2nd, 2008 in his adopted home of Gansbach with lively sympathy, mainly former superiors and comrades as well as the population.

Rest in peace!