How can I attract a good woman

Pssst ... That's the secret of women who are always well dressed

1. Fashionable women know what suits them

Sounds simple, but it's sooo crucial. Because no matter how trendy or expensive a part is, if it doesn't do anything for you, you will never look good in it. Fashionable women not only know which cuts get the best out of their figure, but also which colors make their complexion shine.

2. Fashionable women know their dress size

Let me tell you: nothing is worse than a pressed sausage look (our darling Guido Maria Kretschmer agrees too). And clothes that are too big, long or short are also a real no-go among fashion professionals. So the next time you stand in the changing room and think about whether you should buy the part even though it doesn't fit 100%: leave it!

By the way: the dress size is also important for oversize cuts!

3. Fashionable women know these fashion mantras

Video by Jutta Eliks

4. Fashionable women boldly combine it and are creative

The most important thing about fashion: It should be fun. Instead of simply copying the style of others, you should try new things - this is the only way to find your individual style. Take an example from fashionable women: Instead of always wearing run-of-the-mill outfits, they boldly combine it and create exciting looks.

Our tip: Take a little time and do an inventory of your closet (rainy Sunday afternoons are perfect for this). Cheerfully try out new combinations and mix things up that you have never combined before. You will be amazed what styling treasures are hidden in your closet!

5. Fashionable women know the importance of accessories

Fashionable women would never (!) Do without accessories (especially their sunglasses). Because they turn an ok look into a real wow outfit.

Try it out for yourself: style exciting jewelry for a very simple basic look with a white shirt, jeans and white sneakers. Several silver chains, a silver wrist watch, bracelets and rings are great. Large sunglasses make the look perfect.

Still not sure what goes with what? Here are styling tips for accessories!

6. Fashionable women don't follow every trend

To everyone who thinks that great fashion style means spending a lot of money on the latest designer fashions: You don't have to! You can also dress great with what you have in your wardrobe - if you combine it correctly and pimp it up with accessories.

Instead of just randomly buying trendy items next time, you should ask yourself these questions in the store: Does the trend really match my style? Will I still like this part in six months? Can I combine it with what I have in the closet? What would I wear it for?

This not only improves your fashion style in the long term, but also saves you expensive bad purchases.