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Name meaning

Amy is a female given name with a particularly beautiful meaning. As a short form of the old French name Aimée with Latin roots, it comes from the French or Latin word for love aimer / amare. So Amy is simply "loved", "the lover" or "the one who is loved".

Other variants are: Aimie or the French masculine form Aimé. In addition, the name can be an abbreviation of the Thai female name Amonrat. You can also find it as a family name.

It has long been known and loved in the English-speaking world. Babies have only been called that in Germany since the late 1990s. Since around 2008 he has been one of the 50 most popular girls' first names.

A famous name bearer was the British rock legend Amy Winehouse, who probably died in 2011 at the age of 27 as a result of her addiction. In terms of film, you can find namesake women in the feature film “Amy and the Wild Geese” and the lawyer series “For all cases, Amy”. Elton John, Green Day and Roy Orbison also sang them in titles of the same name.

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Old French


Amichen, Amylein, Ani, Emmy, Emy, May and Mimi

Similar first names

Amybella, Amylee, Amynta, Amyrose, Camy, Camyle, Hoamy, Jamy, Jeamy, Jessamy, Kamy, Kamyha, Lamyra, Miamy, Namya, Neamy, Ramya, Samya, Samyra and Samyukhta

Most popular double names with Amy

Amy-Ashley, Amy-Ayumi, Amy-Bernice, Amy-Cayenne, Amy-Chaleen, Amy-Charlyne, Amy-Cheyenne, Amy-Clarissa, Amy-Colleen, Amy-Ebony, Amy-Elana, Amy-Fiona, Amy- Jade, Amy-Jane, Amy-Jill, Amy-Joel, Amy-Johanna, Amy-Joline, Amy-Josephine and Amy-Justine

Famous people

  • Ami Mizuno (character from the anime "Sailor Moon")
  • Amy Abbott (character from the TV series "Everwood")
  • Amy Adams (US actress)
  • Amy Alden (character from the movie "Amy and the Wild Geese")
  • Amy Beth Schumer (US comedian, actress)
  • Amy Bone (character from the "Charlie Bone" novels)
  • Amy Brenneman (US actress)
  • Amy Cimorelli (US singer)
  • Amy Cimorelli (US singer)
  • Amy Curry (character from the novel "Amy on the Summerroad")
  • Amy Diamond (Swedish singer)
  • Amy Duncan (character from the TV series "My Sister Charlie")
  • Amy Fleming (character from the TV series "Heartland - Paradise for Horses)"
  • Amy Harper (character from the novel "Silver")
  • Amy Juergens (character from the TV series "The Life of an American Teenager")
  • Amy Lee (US singer)
  • Amy Macdonald (Scottish singer)
  • Amy Mizuno (character from the anime "Sailor Moon")
  • Amy Poehler (US actress)
  • Amy Pond (character from the TV series "Doctor Who")
  • Amy Raudenfeld (character from the TV series "Faking It")
  • Amy Rodriguez (US soccer player)
  • Amy Rose (character from the video game series "Sonic")
  • Amy Ruffle (Australian actress)
  • Amy Sorel (character from the game "Soul Calibur")
  • Amy Stiller (US actress)
  • Amy Winehouse (British singer)
  • Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler (character from the TV series "The Big Bang Theory")

Amy is looking for happiness

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