What are the functions of literature

Functions of literature

wLeisure, relaxation

w General education

w Participation in cultural life, material for conversation

wLegitimation for better opportunities for advancement

wLanguage Education: Speaking and Writing!

w Taste formation

w Transfer of knowledge (historical, psychological etc.)

w Self-confidence of a class / class / gender:
- 18th century: rising bourgeoisie versus nobility
- 20th century: proletariat
- from 1970: women's literature / emancipation

wProcessing your own problems

wTransmitting other people's life experiences

wI-becoming through identification and demarcation

w Expansion of consciousness

wCultural identification

w Social criticism, political education

w ...

Features especially of love poetry

wPraise the loved one / praise love

Advertise for the loved one

w Expression of being in love, happiness or gratitude

w Expression of longing or hope

w Expression of love affliction (jealousy, loss, etc.)

w Linking love with another area of ​​experience (e.g. nature / politics)

wMocking false feelings / sentimentality / being in love

Negative functions:

wDistraction from ... (escapism)

w Displacement of factual and factual knowledge

w Neglecting other important things

w Embarrassment gift, reputation addiction on the bookshelf

As an exercise: answer the following questions in a brief summary!

wWhat functions does »Michael Kohlhaas« have for the author himself?

For the contemporary reading public? For today's reader? For you personally? What function does the film adaptation by V.Schlöndorff from 1969 (!) Fulfill?

wWhat are the functions of "visiting the old lady"?

wWhat are the functions of the "process"?

w ...