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For real gamers only: The best insider tips for games of 2020

More than 200 new games appear on Steam every week. Many gamers have a pile of shame right up to the virtual ceiling: So it's no wonder that good games are drowned out in the community in the struggle for the attention of customers.

Word has got around that blockbusters like The Last of Us Part 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 were released, Among Us caused a multiplayer sensation and that the indie game Hades was a good game.

Golem.de presents games that also deserve attention: small and large insider tips, underdogs and surprises.

Squad: Great tactical shooter

Perhaps the best tactical multiplayer shooter of the last few years, but certainly of 2020, finally left the long-term Early Access in September.

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In Squad up to 100 players compete against each other in methodical and realistic combat missions in two teams.

Realism is meant seriously here: Without continuous communication, teamwork and coordination from the small team to the entire troop unit, nothing really works in Squad.

On 20 large maps, the shooter offers adrenaline-soaked battles at best, which feel pretty close to what is happening in real military operations.

Heroic and ruthless lone fighter punishes life here as there. But those who successfully assert themselves in action with their squad will experience perhaps the most intense multiplayer battles of the current year.

Available for Windows PC; by 45 euros.

Yes, Your Grace: Medieval Soap Opera Simulator

The award for the most complex simulation of medieval politics in 2020 goes to Crusader Kings 3. Nevertheless: The little Yes, Your Grace deserves a place of honor in the royal council chamber - after all, most of the pixel strategy game is played there.

As the king of a fantasy empire, it is important to make decisions big and small, to advise subjects and vassals through royal judgment and to be a wise ruler both personally, family and militarily.

The unusual strategy game, which brings feudal politics to a personable and personal level, has not only sold well on Steam, but has also established itself as a crowd favorite in Microsoft's Game Pass subscription and on the Switch.

Available for Windows PC, MacOS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; around 17 euros.

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