What's your Least Favorite YouTube Channel

Youtube marketing


As with on-page SEO, the formulation of the title and description is crucial for videos. When users scroll through a list of videos, the first thing they read is their titles. Therefore, they should be meaningful and interesting. A title should either arouse interest or convey at first glance that users will find a solution to their problem here. Do some research on keywords to get a better idea of ​​which keywords are used in search queries. Put the most important information and keywords at the beginning of titles and only use around 60 characters so that titles in search results are displayed in full and not cut off.


Note that only the first two to three lines (about 100 characters) of the video description are initially displayed on YouTube. In order to read the entire description, people must first click on "Show more". Therefore, you should definitely include important links and CTAs at the beginning of the description. You should formulate the text itself in such a way that your video is viewed and interacted with your content as often as possible. You can insert the transcript below the description. This makes sense because videos generally contain a lot of keywords and you can thus improve your ranking. You also have the option to include a standard channel description with links to your social media profiles, information about contributors and times. Video titles and descriptions can also contain hashtags. Just be careful not to overdo it.


Once you have your keywords in the title and video description, you can use tags to highlight the most important keywords. Tags are used to link videos with similar videos and thus increase their reach. Be sure to tag the most important keywords first, using both generic keywords and specific long-tail keywords.


After you have uploaded a video to YouTube, you can assign a category to it using the advanced settings. Video categories are used to relate your content to other, similar YouTube content. You can select one of the following categories: Film & Animation, Cars & Vehicles, Music, Animals, Sports, Travel & Events, Games, People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, Practical Tips & Styling, Education, Science & Technology and social commitment.