What is the top speed of the ZX10R

"The Ninja is an uncompromising super sports car. Anyone who wants to cruise comfortably or drive to the end of the world with bag and baggage is in the wrong film. And what sportiness means quickly becomes clear to you. If you are comfortable with the 1000 R or you are out and about in city traffic , the abdominal muscles are challenged. Only those who are well trained can sit so loosely on the bike. Otherwise, the weight of the upper body is on the arms, you quickly become limp and there is no longer any question of sensitive vehicle control. It is all the more impressive, The smoothness with which the engine pushes the load forward even from idle and in the low speed range. No jerking, no swallowing, the racers purr purring piously across the asphalt. You could almost think that you are sitting on a 600.
In the wild on winding back roads and faster sections of the route, the airflow relieves the upper body from a speed of 100 plus. Now everything is in order. The hands sensibly grasp the handlebars, depending on the mood, the curves are targeted with a little hanging-off. Between the turns, sprinting and targeted braking before the next bend bring unimaginable dynamics to the driving flow. It's definitely not boring, `woof´ is the kawa! The tiny plexiglass pane of the racing fairing still offers hardly any wind protection, it pulls like pike soup, similar to a naked bike with sports handlebars.
It gets really exciting on the autobahn. Here you get an impression of what the Kawa technicians have actually conjured up in the sparkling clean aluminum chassis and with a little imagination you can imagine what Rossi & Co. experience in their MotoGP races. But to really enjoy this, you should get up early. Start at 5:30 a.m. The commuters are still sleeping and the truckers are just having their first breakfast, the train is still free. The helmet is almost on the tank, making it much smaller is no longer possible, 250, 260, 270, the Kawa wants to go even faster. A slight bend in the Autobahn, at this speed it suddenly turns into a curve. Gas off, the clock is back to 180. Then accelerate, 250, 260, 270, 280, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, the acceleration is gigantic - phew, it goes off ... Nothing wobbles, like a board, the racer lies on the track on this low flight. Even lane steps do not disturb the chassis, if necessary, the braking effect is brutal. But hand on heart, is the motorcycle riding? Let's try out how it works at 280, that's OK. With this tooth, the view becomes a tunnel vision, even the guardrails on the median can no longer be seen. Stamina, concentration, adrenaline, the body trembles, not just for a few seconds, with a free ride you could ride for miles. It's a unique driving experience, maybe even a prefileg and you can have a say later, but driving fun is a little different ",
says Christiane, impressed but also thoughtful.

Liquid-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts, output 128 kW (175 hp) at 11,700 rpm,
Max.power with RamAir 135 kW (184 PS) at 11,700 / min, max.torque 112 Nm at 7,000 / min.
Bore x stroke 76 x 55 mm, displacement 998 ccm, compression 12.7: 1, digital engine management, electronic fuel injection, KLEEN emission control (catalytic converter / KCA system) Euro2.
E-starter, six-speed gearbox, final drive via O-ring chain

Landing gear:
Aluminum bridge frame. 43 mm upside-down telescopic fork, fully adjustable, spring travel 120 mm. Bottom-Link Uni-Trak swingarm with central spring strut, fully adjustable, spring travel 125 mm. Front tires 120 / 70ZR17, rear 190 / 50ZR17.
Front wave design double brake disc Ø 300 mm, rear wave design disc brake Ø 220 mm.
Wheelbase 1385 mm, seat height 825 mm. Tank capacity 17 liters. Weight with a full tank 197 kg, permissible total weight 380 kg

Top speed: 295 km / h

Price: 12,995.00 euros