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Understanding horses - handling and groundwork: behavior - learning ability - practical exercises

This basic work of the German Equestrian Association (FN) is dedicated to the horse and its most original characteristics and needs.
It is used to train horses from the ground - as an important basis for riding, driving and vaulting - and provides people with extensive knowledge and practical tips. In this textbook, the balancing act between science and practice, between understanding and action is presented in an understandable and comprehensible way for everyone.

It is therefore to be understood as a foundation for the FN guidelines and also the basis for testing the FN badges 10 to 5 in equestrian sport as well as for the newly created FN badge "Groundwork".

The book, which consists of two main parts, takes the reader deep into the world of the horse, its history, its behavior, its sensory perception and its ability to learn.
Above all, there is always the question: What does that mean for dealing with and everyday life with the horse?
The second part, which is all about the (guided and rope-free) floor work, is based on these findings. If done correctly, floor work promotes the horse's trust and respect for people and thus also the safety in dealing with the horse in all areas.

"Understanding horses - handling and groundwork" is an important guide and companion for every horse lover on the way to becoming a 'horseman'.

From the content:

. Development history of the horse
. Ethology of the horse
. Sensory perception of horses
. How horses learn
. Communication between man and horse
. Groundwork - principles, specifics, training and examples of exercises
. Basics of lunging and loading
. FN training opportunity for free work / rope-free ground work
. "Examination knowledge summarized" at the end of each chapter