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Upside down in life
If a baby is upside down at birth, it doesn't always have to be a caesarean

13.07.2014 – 10:00

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Baierbrunn (ots)

Since a Canadian study published in 2000, according to which spontaneous births from children sitting upright in the uterus (breech position) were too dangerous for the child, such babies were almost exclusively born by caesarean section for years. It later emerged that the study had glaring methodological flaws - but doctors and midwives are only slowly daring to let these breech babies come into the world naturally. "It makes no difference to the child whether it is born vaginally or by caesarean section," summarizes Professor Franz Kainer, chief physician of the obstetrics and prenatal medicine department at the Hallerwiese Clinic in Nuremberg, the current state of research in the pharmacy magazine "Baby und Familie". Today, larger clinics in particular, such as those in Munich or Frankfurt, enable spontaneous birth from breeches and train doctors in this. This procedure is also accepted according to the guidelines of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG). The breech position is considered a birth risk and always requires certain precautions, but the caesarean section is not the "general standard".

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