What makes your cat happy?

Of course, when we love someone, we want them to be happy - and we enjoy doing things to help make them happy. Of course, this also applies in a very special way to our love for our feline fur friends on four paws, with whom we share life. After all, they make us very happy too. First of all, you can be sure: if you enable your beloved roommate kitty to live a species-appropriate life that fully corresponds to her nature and needs, you are doing a great deal to ensure that your beloved cat is happy. This includes, on the one hand, an appropriate occupation with appropriate toys that also correspond to the intelligence of the respective breed or the cat itself. Also very important: the high quality food.

Plus, your cat needs one to be happy scratch treeto sharpen their claws and be able to set their own individual fragrance signal, as well as one or more draft-protected retreats such as a cat house. Depending on the breed or nature, the cat needs more or less freedom of movement. And what also makes most cats very happy - you already guessed it: extensive cuddling!

If you give all of these to your cat, you can be pretty confident that she is fine. So that you can be absolutely sure that you will make your beloved kitty happy, we asked competent cat whisperers about the unmistakable signs of cat happiness. And these are their answers: