Are there Pokemon GO cheat codes

Cheats and hacks for items, coins and more | Pokémon GO

You buy in with real money Pokémon GO so-called Pokécoins, which you can exchange for new items or clothes in the shop. Now there are some cheats with which you can gain access to infinite coins or similar advantages. In this guide we would like to give you an overview of cheats and hacks, but also point out tricks that make cheating superfluous.

With cheats and hacks, the microtransactions for coins are only partially necessary.

Very important: Cheats are not coolif you destroy the experience of other coaches. This is only possible to a limited extent in Pokémon GO, but we would like to point out that using such cheats can be dangerous - a permanent ban threatens. Therefore, we also provide you with some clever tricks that make cheating unnecessary.

These cheats and hacks are available for Pokémon GO

With the payment model, Pokémon GO is supposed to finance itself. You download the game for free and then invest a few euros in the virtual world of Pokémon. Some coaches bypass this model by offering one Coin cheat or stardust hack exploit.

With cheats and hacks you want to get unknown sites to pass on your account data to third parties, just so that you can get items and coins without investing time in the game or reaching for your wallet. We advise against these dubious sites, as you usually have to provide an email address or the name of your character.

Other tools promise you unlimited Pokécoins, if you give name, region and platform. These cheats are of course not official. There is a risk of viruses and the like on your smartphone or the ban of your player ID and that is probably the last thing you want.

We'll show you a trick on how you can throw Poké Balls more efficiently:

How developers Niantic Labs stand on the use of cheats, they make clear on their official page. One position name states, among other things: "Accounts will be penalized for violating the Terms of Use or the Trainer Policy - We can issue a warning, suspend your participation in the game or (in the case of serious or repeated violations) block your account. "

These violations include modified or unofficial software, playing with multiple accounts, and using tools to change or forge your location. This means so-called GPS fakers, which are even available as a stand-alone app in the stores for iOS and Android devices.

Simple tricks that make cheats superfluous

If you use a coin hack, so-called cracks or unauthorized apps and tools, you have to expect a ban. Your account may be completely blocked. If you still want to outsmart the system behind Pokémon GO, we have collected a few tricks for you here. Some of these methods are even legalbecause they are simply implemented cleverly. You can display Pokémon in your area on the website or hang your smartphone in a so-called "cell phone swing" to hatch eggs - yes, it shakes the cell phone back and forth ...

Handy swing: hatch eggs without moving

Do you want to hatch eggs without moving? There are several tricks you can use to hatch eggs without moving - a cheat or just harmless cheating? Rather a smart accessory that elegantly swings your smartphone back and forth. The movement of a leisurely walk or a quick sprint is simulated and you collect kilometers for eggs and other extras.

Alternatively, you can also collect kilometers in the classic way: clip your smartphone to a fan on the ceiling or puts the device on a turntable, to simulate the movement. That sounds weird, but it actually works. Just be careful here that you don't damage your smartphone or that the fan turns your cell phone into a projectile ...

Alternatively, you can just leave your cell phone next to you and watch your trainer. By the fluctuating GPS signal this moves back and forth over and over again. After a short time you have collected a few kilometers without even moving your smartphone. And so that you don't have to cheat in battles, we've created a table with the strengths and weaknesses of all Pokémon types.

  • Show Pokémon localities: This process is neither a Cheat, another Hack. There are several websites such as or that show you the locations of all Pokémon in your area or in a specified location. If you find a rare Kicklee in your park, tell your friends about it, don't you? You don't have to go with one here spell calculate, but the developers have already taken such programs offline.

  • GPS hack and teleport: The so-called iSpoofer Hack 2021 (or iPoGo) allows you to use several cheats at the same time. You can use the joystick to move around in the game, trick the GPS signal or teleport to any location.

  • Control the avatar by joystick: With this cheat or hack you can move your trainer with the joystick or with the help of direction keys. You walk across the entire map without moving an inch from the couch. If you use the tool presented in the video, there is a very high probability that you will be excluded from playing. Check out the following video if you want to use this hack.

As we have already mentioned, you use these cheats and hacks at your own risk. It's better to meet up with a few friends outside in the fresh air and go on a Pokémon hunt and not risk an unnecessary ban.