How much do junior software engineers earn

Software development salary.

What influences your salary as a programmer?

Your university degree.

If you apply as a software developer with a bachelor's degree, you will earn an average of 42,000 euros per year, with a master’s degree, 47,000 euros. Your salary no longer has a decisive influence on whether you graduated from a university or a technical college - but with an apprenticeship as an IT specialist you can expect significantly less salary.

Your location.

In the south there is a high salary for programmers and software developers, while in the east pay is below average: Unfortunately, the cliché is still true in the IT industry. Here you can see how the average salary for junior software developers after the bachelor's degree is in the individual federal states:

The size of the company.

As an IT specialist, you earn more in a group than in a medium-sized company: This also applies to the programmer's salary. The distribution in the area of ​​software development looks like this on average:

Companies with 1 to 500 employees44,028 euros
Companies with 501 to 1000 employees49,740 euros
Company over 1000 employees58,080 euros

Your skills.

For software developers and programmers, the salary for young professionals can vary depending on their knowledge, for example depending on which programming language you have mastered. Java, C and C ++ are paid the highest, closely followed by PHP. It is all the more important that you make it clear what you can do in your application - this is how you can support your salary expectations.

The industry.

Here are the top 3 industries in which companies pay software developers the most:

  1. banks and insurance companies
  2. Medical technology
  3. mechanical engineering

And employers in these industries offer software developers little salary in comparison:

  1. Wholesale and retail
  2. Printing and paper industry
  3. PR and advertising agencies