What is logistic growth curve

Logistic growth

Logistic growth is a type of population growth under natural conditions with limited resources.

Here you can see such a logistical course.

Exponential phase

At first the population increases exponentially. The available resources (food, water, space etc.) are completely sufficient for the few existing animals or plants, there are no limits to reproduction.

Linear phase

However, the greater the population density, the scarcer the resources become. Not all individuals can be nourished in an optimal way, space is becoming scarce, and stress in the population increases (plants can also be stressed, not just animals). The consequence of this is that the reproductive rate is getting smaller and smaller. However, the population density is still increasing steadily.

Saturation phase

The resources are now very scarce, the competition for the few remaining resources has become fiercer. The growth rate approaches zero. This means that only as many offspring survive as die on average.

For details on logistic growth (including mathematical derivation) see "Logistic Growth" in my Ecology Section.