How valuable is it to use cashback websites

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When you shop online, you can often get around 2-15% of the purchase price back in cash. Find out more here:

How does cashback work?

Many internet shops pay commission to websites that advertise them. For this they use so-called partner programs. Via these partner programs, website operators receive shares in the sales made there as remuneration for links to the internet shop.

For example, if we were to place a link to a hotel website via such a partner program, we would perhaps get 8% of the room rate paid out if someone booked a hotel room there.

Cashback programs participate in these affiliate programs; However, they distribute a large part of the commissions received to their members. You can be this member too!

How you can save on many online purchases with cashback providers

If you register for one of the large cashback programs and from there, for example, call up a participating hotel website, via which you then book a room, the cashback website may credit you with 4-8% of the room rate. You can then have this sum transferred to your current account.

Does that work too?

Various cashback providers are presented in this blog. We have put together some tips for dealing with cashback programs. Our favorites are regularly used by our cashback blogger himself; he has already received many payouts, which are also documented.

This is how you can maximize your cashback with CashbackJournal

As a special feature, there is a constantly updated database in which, according to our cashback blogger, the 21 best cashback programs are represented. In this way, you can find out individually for each online shop which cashback provider pays the highest reimbursement.