What is the philosophy of depression

Seelennot - Essay on the Philosophy of Depression


Depression is a highly complex disease of the soul and the whole person. It cannot be reduced to simple scientific causal chains. The usual view of many psychiatrists and psychotherapists on the causes of depression - serotonin deficiency, stress, bad childhood - is far too narrow. Depression has a much larger frame of reference. Only a holistic philosophical perspective poses the right, additional questions to this terrible disease: namely, about body and soul, death and life, cause and goal. In this way, the depression can be relocated. They can have a decisive meaning in life and thus perhaps lose some of the cruel futility from which those concerned (and the author himself) suffer. We need to learn to understand what depression is telling us and how it can help lead to more fulfilling lives.


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Prof. Dr. Bernd Schuppener, who studied philosopher, worked as a TV journalist, scientist, entrepreneur and book author. Long-term collaboration in the C.G. Young society. His philosophical books deal with subtle and unconscious aspects of life from a holistic, practical perspective. At K&N 2018 is the band The Adventures of Self-Knowledge. Appeared on the trail of a dangerous job.

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4th May 2019

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