Where should kitties sleep at night

10 tips for cats to get a good night's sleep

A cat sleeps up to two thirds of the day, that's 16 hours out of 24. It is not always deep sleep, in between you doze off over long distances. But every type of sleep is important for the cat. With these 10 tips you will ensure a good and healthy cat sleep:

1. Avoid restless sleeping places

Cats need one protected place for a peaceful sleep. A corridor or a walk-through room is not suitable as a sleeping place for cats.

2. Avoid drafts at the cat sleeping area

Drafts are not only uncomfortable, in the worst case they can even make you sick. Therefore, do not place the cat bed in a place where it is pulling.

3. No noisy sleeping places for cats

Cats can only sleep relaxed if there is calm and quiet is. Otherwise, part of their consciousness is always at the source of the noise and cannot recover as well.

4. (Too) warm cat beds

Most cats love warm places to sleep, and sometimes they like it too warm. Upholster radiators with a blanket or pillow. And if you can give your cat one Hot water bottle want to give pleasure, then wrap them in cloth. Otherwise burns may result.

5. Respect the cat's sleep rhythm

It is important to respect your cat's sleep rhythm. No cat should be awakened from deep sleep. Children who live with cats also have to learn this. Playing and cuddling must wait until the cat wakes up by itself.

6. Cats in bed: consistent rules

Some people let their cat go to bed with them, others definitely don't want that. Whichever way you do it, it's fine - only one thing is difficult: to approve the cat's bed space first and to refuse later. It is better if you decide on one option from the start and stick to that decision.

7. The cat decides where to sleep

Of course, you can buy your cat a nice cat bed. However, cats like to have several sleeping places and prefer to choose them yourself. So don't be upset if your cat doesn't get into the basket a single time.

8. Outdoor sleeping area

If your cat is outdoors a lot and doesn't have a cat flap, this is one warm, dry place to sleep makes sense in the garden or on the terrace.

9. Cats decide for themselves when to sleep

Cats cannot be forced to sleep, so do not schedule the cat to sleep in your daily routine. She won't stick to it.

10. Secure raised sleeping places

In wild dreams, cats can fall down if they are slumbering at unsecured heights. If your cat prefers elevated sleeps, you should to secure.