Is love a strength or weakness

Live #InSync - why I don't work on my weaknesses.

Knowing and talking about your mistakes is a core skill of most women.
First, it makes you so approachable, second, somehow likeable, third, you don't put yourself under so much pressure to have to be perfect.
And fourth, you can "work on yourself."

But I don't want to spend my entire life “working on myself” - I have to make school sandwiches in the morning, make my tax return, and now and then take the children to the dentist.
I think there is enough work;).

Of course, I realize that I could do some things differently / better - I'm not that naive.
But the little time I have available, I concentrate fully on my strengths, enjoy them, celebrate them and thereby give them meaning - I am more aware of my strengths than weaknesses.
I'm too good to do the doctoring on myself and analyze my mistakes - I already find it annoying and unacceptable when someone else does it (doesn't he have enough of his own stuff ?!)
How stupid I would be if I also did it myself!

So if you wake me up at 12 o'clock in the morning, I would definitely have to spend several minutes searching for my weaknesses, but I could immediately list what I love about myself.

About a year ago I typed the following terms into my mobile phone:

This has even recently become my Iphone wallpaper (IN CAPITAL LETTERS!), And reminds me of who I am umpteen times a day.
Because I am love. And dignity. And size. And beauty. And strength.

And every time an offer comes to be distracted by it and instead to brood over the points on which I fail everywhere, I could, should, have to do it differently or better ... - I refuse.
I steadfastly and resolutely refuse to think about it, analyze it, or occupy myself with it longer than necessary.

If I can change it, I will change it.
If not, then it just fits.

As long as I am fully focused on being the best Joanna I can be - just me!
Something with lively and blissful and decisive and consistent at the same time;).
Just me.

Because being Joanna means for me above all:
an enormous lightness paired with absolute determination and clarity.
A lively pleasure and playfulness, and at the same time a high level of professionalism - whenever you need it.
Childlike thirst for adventure and maturity at the same time.
Lively, fun-loving and dynamic - and unshakable and constant at the same time: nothing throws me off course so quickly.
High-spirited, mischievous and constantly gushing, and at the same time highly effective and full of trust and consistency.
To be me feels like flying on a swing all the time (because it always tingles a little with beautiful tension in your stomach, and huuuuuiiii ...), and at the same time like a general who is in charge of everything (because I'm the Responsibility for my own life and the authority connected with it at all times).

From this focus on my being there flows such enormous power that it easily takes everything else with it - no, DRAGONS, and changes for the better.
I am absolutely convinced of that.

A simple point of view, I know - but someone else is responsible for the complicated department.
I can only: simply.
And even if it might seem strange to read at first to rave about yourself like that, it has nothing to do with arrogance, vanity or narcissism on my part - I am just aware of who I am.
That is healthy self-esteem.

I'll show you a very practical example:
A few days ago I found a quick one on my phone Video - that is from the day we got the keys to the loft.
As impressive and beautiful as the rooms are now, the path before it was long, challenging and always daunting - and basically also during and after it.
Because there was always bad news, horror reports, drama scenarios, apparently insurmountable financial hurdles, and actually most of the time it looked as if what I had wished for IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE.
How likely is it that you will find a 500 square meter property in the middle of the city for a small price that you can redesign yourself?
The fact that the whole thing took place under time pressure didn't make things any easier.
(You can find the whole Loft story HERE.)
To give up everything and be content with a compromise would have been the obvious choice - and there have been countless opportunities for me to just give up.
Because: how should I ever manage that, maybe I have planned too much, besides everything is unrealistic, etc.
What helped me the most at the time was neither well-intentioned advice (“Oh, you'll find something.”), Nor positive talk (“Cheer up!”), But the very simple question:

Before I could even start crying, sometimes one of my kids would say:
"MUM! Do you even know who you are ?! Now don’t act like that, you pack it with your left hand. "

That sounded like zero understanding and compassion (and hey! I had every reason to cry!) - but it was the most effective way for me to clear my head.
Because someone HAS to be the specialist for the impossible, so I'll just take on the job;).

There are still offers every day that want to distract me from this conscious being.
And every day I make a decision not to be distracted and to concentrate on the most important things:
my being.

I am simply aware of this fact - that my being is the most beautiful and the strongest.
And every time something tries to distract me from it, I refuse to accept this offer.

I personally call this being Joanna - don't laugh now! - "Feel myself" because: I then actually feel myself very deep inside.
It's a little hard to describe because it kind of has nothing to do with feelings.

Every now and then I lose this feeling because I am so distracted from everything possible - this manifests itself in the fact that I am quickly annoyed and impatient with myself and others, and overall more impressed by negative circumstances.
As soon as I find out, all the alarm bells light up for me!

Then I consciously focus on my being again, ignoring my feelings (if I wait for them to confirm my being, I can wait forever. I don't have that much time.), And sometimes I say out loud who I am (but only if nobody can hear it;)).
And sooner or later I “feel” myself again.

Some describe this as "being in harmony with yourself" or "being in balance" - ACTIVIA calls it "Live #InSync".
By "Live #InSync“ACTIVIA wants to encourage women to live in harmony with themselves, to discover their own potential and no longer listen to their own critical voice.

I love to support this campaign because I know more than anything else:
to have myself is the best thing of all.


This is who i am

Love greetings

* In cooperation with ACTIVIA

P.s. Do you feel like telling me who you are in the comments - just your strengths?
Even if it is a bit strange for some at first - I would think that would be great!