What is set and called in the trade

German Infection Protection Act:
Dealers are preparing a lawsuit against the Corona emergency brake

The retail trade in Germany is enough: Several shop and restaurant operators have come together under the leadership of the pro bono initiative "Dealers help dealers" to take legal action against the "Corona emergency brake" planned by the federal government. Among other things, the sports retail group Intersport with its 1500 affiliated sports shops, fashion retailers such as Engelhorn, Schuster and Tom Tailor, the bicycle retailer Rose Bikes and a number of restaurateurs such as L'Osteria want to participate in the lawsuit.

In fact, those who were able to keep their businesses alive after more than a year of the corona crisis with all its restrictions for retailers feel that the new Infection Protection Act is the final death blow for their industry. The amendment proposal stipulates that the retail trade must close if the incidence exceeds 100 in the respective district. In the course of the coming week, a decision is to be taken first in the Bundestag and then in the Bundesrat on the "draft of a fourth law to protect the population in an epidemic situation of national scope".

Unfair treatment

The retail sector has felt that it has been treated unfairly by politicians in dealing with the corona crisis for a long time, which is made even more severe by the new law. "We see an absolute unequal treatment, in all areas. There is no home office obligation, so even with state institutions or state-related institutions more than 1500 people are allowed to sit in an open-plan office. But trade and gastronomy should be banned and In private you can only meet one person, "explains Marcus Diekmann, CEO of Rose Bikes, who launched the initiative at the beginning of the corona pandemic in March 2020.