What qualifications are required for young scientists?

Young scientists

Well-qualified scientists are required both for activities within the academic world and for employment in the state, society and economy.

It is therefore a central concern of the Federal Government to keep the quality of the training of young academics at a high level and to create attractive career structures and professional prospects.

Establish yourself as a scientist

Young scientists include those who work on a doctorate after completing their studies or who continue to do research after completing their doctorate in order to establish themselves as scientists in their field. Young scientists is therefore a collective term for various forms of the scientific qualification phase. This includes doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, junior research group leaders and junior or tenure-track professors who work in universities or non-university research institutions.

Career paths of young academics

The career paths for young academics in Germany are very heterogeneous, often unmanageable and difficult to plan. Important goals of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the promotion of young scientists include, among other things,

  • to increase the attractiveness and transparency of scientific career paths,
  • to improve the transition from the phase of academic qualification to professions in business and society,
  • to promote the international competitiveness and mobility of young scientists,
  • to realize equal opportunities in the career development of young scientists
  • as well as creating conditions under which scientific achievements of the highest possible quality can be provided.

Funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

In order to implement these goals, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research finances, directly or indirectly, a significant part of the programs in Germany to support young scientists. This includes institutional funding for science and intermediary organizations and large projects such as the new tenure track program to promote young scientists, the Excellence Initiative and the Pact for Research and Innovation.