How do I buy a used motorhome

Buying a motorhome as a used car: tips! Pay attention to this with used mobile homes

If you want to buy a motorhome as a used car, you should above all take your time in the search. Our ten tips reveal what else to look out for!


Buying a used motorhome: Time pressure is expensive

Motorhomes are houses on wheels, so the technology is much more complex than that of a normal car. Connoisseurs never buy shortly before the holidays. And they take all the time in the world to check. Of course, the gas stove has to ignite, the heating has to run, and the refrigerator and water supply should also work. But what do the water tanks look like from the inside? It is clear that the floor must be checked for rust and rot - but professionals also climb the roof of the Womo. Moss cultures can burst the seals and cause expensive moisture damage.

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Buying a motorhome as a used vehicle - tips in the video:


Young used? Attention!

Better not! Motorhomes are extremely stable in value. Many one- or two-year-olds cost little less than new ones. The only advantage is that the buyer bypasses the delivery time. In return, he often gets a car with an eventful past in the rental business. Those who can wait are better off with the new one. More on the topic: mobile homes


Airbags, ESP, Isofix on board the used motorhome?

Safety is often lacking. Crazy: just four or five years ago, safety features that every small Korean car had, even for upscale motorhomes, were on the surcharge list. And even today, Isofix systems are more the exception than the rule. If you absolutely want ESP and front passenger airbags, you should specifically look for them in older models and ask about them before viewing so as not to be disappointed on site. Air conditioning was also not standard for a long time. And: The operation of older retrofit navigation devices is often cumbersome and hazardous to traffic.

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Alcoves are out. But not for savers - tip!

Families need space, the oriel models are still the cheapest option for them. They look old-fashioned with their bunk above the driver's cab, but they offer the best price-space ratio. But be careful: young alcove types are mostly rented out - see point 2. More on the topic: VW shows the new T6.1 California


Don't be afraid of used scales with rustic oak

The interior design of many older mobiles is the hardness: church window fabrics, dark wood decor, curtains like those of Aunt Herta's in the kitchen-cum-living room. Not bad, because there are companies that specialize in motorhome modernization. Especially with former luxury models, good quality often meets a cruel appearance, new closet flaps and textiles can be worthwhile.

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The used motorhome should be tight

Water damage to the motorhome costs money. The structure must be tight - and the seller must not flinch when interested parties check it very carefully. The odor test is good, the evidence of regular leakage inspections at the specialist retailer is better. Professionals check the structure of a motorhome with a moisture meter. In workshop quality, something like this costs from around 100 euros. More on the topic: Mercedes Marco Polo against VW California


Beware of tinkering

It's unbelievable what do-it-yourselfers can do in a motorhome. Older models in particular show their owners' enthusiasm for savings and handicrafts. The collection of additional instruments is usually harmless; amateurish tinkering with the gas and power supply makes it criminal. If you want to be sure, pay attention to the original condition and have the seller show you the invoices from previous years. He doesn't have any because he can do everything better on his own? Hm. By the way, a gas test certificate must always be there.

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Used car trap: small part, big bill

Experienced workshops can repair damage to wooden and metal parts even on older motorhomes. It often becomes critical with plastic parts. Even high-end brands no longer supply a replacement for battered rear aprons, broken bumpers or porous shower trays after 15 years. Many external flaps and windows, on the other hand, are standard parts from suppliers. More on the topic: Two Sunlight concepts in comparison


Where is the nearest motorhome workshop?

The question is even more important for used motorhomes than for cars. The industry is booming, some service companies are working at full capacity and are not interested in new customers with cheap used vehicles. But there are also other dealers. Buying from them is not only worthwhile because of the warranty - but because, as a convinced service provider, they are really there for their customers in an emergency.

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Code H: Save in style on your used motorhome

Those who don't drive too much and have fun with vintage cars will be happy with a living classic. Oldies with an H mark are allowed into the environmental zone, save with cheap oldtimer insurance and have long since lost their value. If it doesn't have to be an expensive old Bulli, the purchase price remains within limits. However, the H number requires careful handling of the mobile cultural monument. Such a holiday classic is usually not luxurious either. And only the world outside is fast for the oldie camper. But isn't that what it's about? More on the topic: The VW Crafter as a Knaus Boxdrive in the test