Do you wish the anime was real?

Top 20 anime waifus that you wish were real!

Do you ever watch a show and wish the characters were real? For the most part, this is their hottest wish.

If three wishes are asked, world peace and unlimited wealth can come later; You need their favorite characters first in order to manifest.

However, since this is likely to be impossible (still holding on to hope), fans have begun breaking the barriers of fiction.

Since every fan has their all-time favorite characters, why don't you go a step further and declare them to be your spouses.

This phenomenon of referring to characters as "waifus" and "husbands" has exploded in the world of anime.

While it sounds kind of delusional, it's all fun (mostly). The type of character a person claims reveals a lot about their personality and desires.

Some may be looking for partners with a soft interior but a tough exterior known as a tsundere, or even the opposite. Fortunately, every fan has the opportunity to find their perfect “waifu” or “husband” due to the large selection of anime available.

In this article, you'll find the top 20 notable women who were said to be the perfect "waifu" material.

This list is based on many factors such as the size of the fan base, personality, and the characteristics of the characters. Let's dive right in!

20. Noelle Silva - 'Black Clover'

Noelle Silva is a magical knight on the Black Bull team in Black Clover.

While initially appearing arrogant and vain due to her royal background and influence, she has changed for the better.

She no longer looks down on people of lower standing, but believes that their actions determine their worth.

This self-confidence, her courage and her friendliness make her one of the most developed characters.

Her selflessness while protecting others at her own expense and her desire not to harm anyone make her worthy of respect.

She covers up her efforts and feelings with an indifferent appearance, as is typical of tsundere. All it does is make her a top waifu in the community.

19. Winry Rockbell - "Fullmetal Alchemist"

While not an alchemist, Winry was a top notch mechanic and a strong supporting character.

She helped Edward build his iconic Automail leg and arm and was there for him and Alphonse from the start.

She is someone who doesn't need protection and most likely will kick their ass. Her caring, sweet and innocent personality and not-so-typical beauty make her one of the best waifus out there.

18. Momo Yaoyorozu - "My Hero Academia"

Momo is a very hardworking, dedicated person who is very popular with her classmates. She acts as a natural leader and is very honest and sincere.

Throughout the series She becomes a selfless heroine. Although her confidence is destroyed, thanks to her classmates, she manages to overcome it.

In addition to being beautiful, rich and powerful, Momo makes it a great waifu if she never gives up and always tries her best to save the victims.

17. Maki Oze - "Firepower"

Maki Oze is one of the newer anime waifus and has already grabbed a spot on this list.

Having completed military training, she is very disciplined, strong, and has a lot of self-respect (as she should).

She is extremely cool and attractive, and while bumping into someone who is teasing her, she is a hopeless romantic.

She is a very kind person and will do her best to protect and care for the people she likes.

In a fight, she has the appearance of a capable fighter, which can be seen when she easily defeats both Shinra and Arthur Boyle.

Maki Oze is the perfect waifu material with the best of masculine and feminine characteristics.

16. Lucy Hearfilia - "Fairytail"

Fairytail is home to some of the best waifus in the community. However, the main actress Lucy takes the top spot.

She is extremely cute and a strong and bad woman.

When the guild broke up, it kept in touch with everyone, and thanks to it, it was able to grow back up. Lucy is also a powerful mage and has saved many members many times.

What sets Lucy apart from the rest is that she is one of the most kind hearted, intelligent, and caring characters on the series, and generally a joy to be around.

15. Tsubasa Hanekawa - "Monogatari"

Tsubasa Hanekawa is perfection incarnated. She is beautiful, intelligent, caring, and delightful to be around in general.

As the series progresses, however, her tragic past comes to the fore, in which we realize that this perfection of hers is something that she needs to maintain.

Bound by her trauma, she behaves selflessly and almost feels like an angel.

As the series progresses, she grapples with both her positive and negative sides and develops into a better person. The depth of her character makes her someone many would like to take as a waifu.

14. Rin Tohsaka - "Fate / Stay Night".

Rin Tohsaka is one of the best tsundere waifus in the anime community, and one look at her fiery demeanor will tell us why. She is one of the three main actresses on the show and extremely adorable when she lets go.

While Rin wears elegantly, She has a certain mischievous and happy side that makes her seem even more lovable. She is kind and cares deeply for those around her, despite her complacent demeanor and arrogance.

Rin feels very human and not just another iteration of any other popular trope, which is why it is basically considered great waifu material.

13. Chitanda Eru - 'Hyouka'

Hyouka may not be a relatively new show, but it has been an undiscovered gem for centuries. His female protagonist, Eru Chitanda is very different from everyone else and is considered one of the best waifus in the community.

While possessing otherworldly beauty, it is her insatiable curiosity about everything that makes it unforgettable.

This childlike quality makes the fans protect and protect them.

Her search for answers often means that everyone who goes with her will experience something interesting and new.

12. Makise Kurisu - "Steins Gate"

Makise is a typical example of beauty with understanding. She is extremely intelligent and turns out to be more than a match for Okabe.

She is a brilliant scientist who is open to new ideas and theories, although she is confident of her abilities.

While it looks like this job has a boring personality, Makise is extremely fun to be around and she has a relaxing vibe.

She's undoubtedly a top waifu for Steins Gate fans.

11. Megumi Tadokoro - "Food Wars"

Food Wars has a wide variety of characters, from the headstrong Alice to the shy Megumi Tadokoro. While all of them are popular, Megumi is particularly popular with fans and is considered a top waifu.

From the beginning she seems shy, nervous and friendly. From their cooking style to their behavior, She is very gentle and caring.

In fact, it sometimes seems like she's way too pure and nice, which can turn into a mistake at times. However, somehow Megumi manages to make it and makes this her strong point.

She can be very confident at times, which shows when she cooks the perfect dish. Being around them instantly calms a personand her kindness always puts a smile on our faces.

As a waifu, she's the cutest character on the whole show, with love pouring out of her into her food. It's easy to see her grab a spot on this list.

10. Chitoge Kirisaki - 'Nisekoi'

Nisekoi has a fair share of waifu material characters, but one of them stands above the other.

Chitoge Kirisaki is one of the protagonist's love interests and possibly the one he will end up with.

Born into a Mafia family, she has an extremely persistent and strong personality.

As a typical Tsundere, however Her caring and emotional side shows up with the person she loves.

9. Raphtalia - "The Rise of the Shield Hero"

As a half-human, Raphtalia had a terrible past and was sold into slavery at a very young age.

Despite all these difficulties She retained her gentle personality that blossomed further when she met Naofumi.

After fighting and traveling with him, their relationship has evolved into one of mutual trust and respect.

As Naofumi's sword, it is extremely powerful and intelligent and loyal to anyone who deserves it. Because of this, she easily makes this list of the top anime waifus.

8. Chika Fujiwara - "Kaguya Sama: Love is War"

While this is a newer anime compared to the others on this list, the female cast on this show is top notch. This is especially true of Chika Fujiwara, the character who is perfect waifu material.

She is extremely cheeky and one of the most lovable cock blockers in the series.

Like a normal high school girl, she likes to have fun, clap, and cause all sorts of problems. At the same time, however She is extremely ripe and shows it when necessary.

Her beauty, caring, and lovely personality make her popular not only with the characters in the series but also with the anime community.

7. CC - 'Code Geass'

Who wouldn't want to marry a beautiful, powerful green-haired girl who loves pizza?

From the first episode on, CC appeared cold and ruthless; However, when the show broke up, its fragility was revealed.

She put on a tough appearance to protect herself from both her enemies and her trauma.

As she interacted with Lelouch and got closer to him, the relationship between them blossomed. CC tried her best to protect Lelouch, despite joking that he was making a devil's contract.

When she suffered from amnesia, her weak condition broke the hearts of fans and made them want to protect them from the cruel world.

6. Hinata Hyuga - "Naruto"

Hinata is the first fictional crush of many fans and the blueprint of all Dandere characters created after her.

Despite her extremely shy nature, she has proven from time to time that she is ready to do almost anything to protect the one she loves.

Hinata is a loving, caring, and extremely strong character who can only be loved.

She was one of the few people on the show who wasn't prejudiced against Naruto and even liked him from a young age.

When Pain attacked Konohagakure, even though he was strong enough to face him, She risked her life to protect Naruto. She deserves the absolute best waifu treatment, and fans totally agree.

5. Emilia - 'Re: Zero'

Despite the various discourses on the best waifu in Re: Zero, it is undeniable that there are many candidates.

The two best are always Emilia, Subaru's love interest and probably the female protagonist.

She is so innocent and kind that it is almost hard to believe that she has no ulterior motives.

Their selfless and loving nature makes people want to protect them. A total of, Her sheer beauty, personality and strength make her extremely lovable and a character that many would like to make a waifu.

4. Zero Two - "Darling in the FranXX"

Zero Two is for sure one of the most popular waifus in the anime community. She is sweet, loving, and caring with a snappy twist.

Her personality is amazing and with a dark side that complements her sweetness comes a thrill that fans can't get enough of.

Throughout the series, her love for Hiro shines through and is endless. Her dinosaur personality, cute demeanor, and ferocity make her even more loved than the anime itself.

3. Yukino Yukinoshita - "My teen romantic comedy SNAFU"

Though stunning, Yukino was a loner because of her cold and aloof personality.

She was placed on a pedestal by her classmates and could not open up to them.

However, as she got closer to Hachiman, her hidden side was revealed.

Yukino's sarcastic comments and derogatory jokes, love for cats, a desire to truly connect with the service club, and her growing affection for Hachiman warm our hearts.

While letting go a little, she develops and overcomes challenges professionally and personally. Her very humane personality attracts fans and makes her a great waifu.

2. Rem - 'Re: Zero'

There is no denying that Rem is known as the perfect waifu material in the anime community.

She is extremely strong, beautiful, caring and, as the cherry on top, in love with the main character.

Because of her tragic past, she was understandably against Subaru and even killed him a few times. After he saved her life, she let go of her hatred and fell in love with him.

Rem is one of the most real characters on the series.

Though rejected by Subaru, who even confessed to loving another woman, She is very devoted to him and Emilia. What more could anyone ask for from her?

May 1st Sakurajima - 'Rascal doesn't dream of Bunny Girl Senpai'

"Rascal Doesn't Dream About Bunny Girl Senpai" was one of the best anime released last year, and its characters quickly found their way into our hearts.

While the plot itself was mind-boggling, what made the show so special was that it was mostly driven by characters. The female protagonist Mai was someone every single fan fell in love with.

Her struggle throughout the series, be it internal or external, was emotionally ruinous, but she got over it in the end.

Her journey from a freezing ice queen to a slow step out of her shell and the reveal of a very caring and loving girl was beautiful to say the least.

Although she wasn't perfect, she gave everything for the main protagonist Sakuta and as the show progressed her love for him only became clearer.

Mai Sakurajima is the best waifu as she is caring, loving, beautiful, and funny. She is a perfect match for Sakuta and is one of the most developed female characters in the anime.

Originally written by Epic Dope

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