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Founder of the week: The background remover with the Australia exit

"One of the largest acquisitions in Austrian startup history" was made by the Viennese startup Kaleido at the beginning of the week. The AI ​​startup was completely taken over by the Australian Unicorn Canva. The founders of Kaleido, Benjamin Grössing and David Fankhauser, our founders of the week, tell how it came about.

Kaleido: Founded in 2018

Kaleido has been around since 2018, so it took less than three years to exit. However, that was never “the hope”, the two founders said in an interview with Trending Topics at the beginning of the week. “We just wanted to make life easier for people. In fact, we developed remove.bg (the startup's first tool, note) as part of another product because we saw that it worked so well. In general, we believe that it is the wrong way to go about founding a startup just to get an exit. We have always tried to focus on the user. "

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"Can achieve a lot more together"

It should stay that way. “The deal with Canva came about because we saw that we could actually achieve a lot more together. That just made sense at every level, ”say Fankhauser and Gössing. Before that, they had already worked with Canva for “over a year”, and revmove.bg is also integrated into the platform, as is well known. David Fankhauser: “That's how we got to know Canva better. Not only on the product side, but also how the culture is, how the people are and we made friends very well with what we saw there. That's how this deal came about. "

Founding without investors

The exit is actually the first external money in the Kaleido system. The two founders built the startup on their own, completely without investors. Or, as they say: “Just two founders and an incredible team”. It was also profitable from the start, "the acquisition was therefore entirely of our own free will," say the founders. And further: "In the case of Kaleido AI and Canva, this combination of 1 plus 1 does not result in 2, but [...] 10!"

There is no information about the exact numbers of the deal, but it is already clear where the journey should go. For the time being, the team will be increased; in 2021 alone, the team will more than double with 30 vacant positions in all areas. Benjamin Groessing: "We need a lot of reinforcement for our incredibly talented team in the near future in order to build meaningful new products that will have an even more positive influence on millions of people around the world in the future."

Canva: Australian unicorn takes over all of Vienna's AI startup Kaleido