Can you force yourself to be creative

Promote creativity - 8 tips on the law of ideas

It's such a thing with creativity. They say either you are creative or you are not. But that's not true. I am firmly convinced that there is a creative spirit in every person who just wants to be encouraged. For this reason, here are my best tips for boosting creativity.

Promote creativity: 8 tips that spark ideas

  1. If you want to be creative, you don't have to have the greatest imagination.
  2. Take the time to brainstorm / No idea is too stupid.
  3. Surround yourself with the right people.
  4. Tolerate mistakes.
  5. Want instead of having to.
  6. Find places that inspire you.
  7. Read!
  8. The formula of success: Creativity = Idea + Implementation²

Tip 1: The law of ideas - creativity has many facets

If you want to be creative, you don't have to have the greatest imagination. Creativity is really nothing incredibly difficult or mysterious [...] Anyone who can think is also able to have ideas. ”That is how the famous advertiser Stephen Baker put it.
In other words: creativity has many facets. Just because you can't paint pictures or tell the best stories doesn't mean you can't be creative. In everyday life, creativity often only shows itself in nuances. Creativity didn't come with the stork. It is a skill that can be practiced, trained and learned like driving a car. It is important that you can appreciate every idea, no matter how small.

Tip 2: No idea is too stupid.

Give yourself time. Brainstorm time. Time to write down ideas. First rule in brainstorming: No idea is too stupid. The first phase of brainstorming is about getting every spark of creativity down on paper. Only in the following steps are these ideas filtered, selected and deleted.

Tip 3: Surround yourself with the right people.

Stay away from “no-sayers” and nihilists. People who do not meet their own standards and whose only goal is to pull others down with them.

Find people who motivate you.
I don't know if you know people like that. But there are people who, through their nature and character, can trigger an immense power in one. They motivate and inspire you. They become mentors - often without really wanting or noticing it. The more you deal with these people, the deeper you can internalize this inspiring power. And who knows, maybe you are already releasing this feeling in other people.

Tip 4: tolerate mistakes.

Fears should mobilize us to successfully avert possible threats in the future. But the fear of failure and of making mistakes inhibits our thinking. But if you accept mistakes in yourself and in others, you deprive fear of its greatest motivator. In this post you will read why mistakes are so important and how you can get through them.

Tip 5: Want instead of having to - encourage creativity through attractive goals

Be creative on command. That usually doesn't work (at least not without the right creativity techniques). And the more you force yourself to come up with ideas, the less freedom you have in your thinking - and that is anything but creative. We shouldn't take ourselves or things too seriously - but on the other hand, seriousness and seriousness should also play a role: I see the combination of these two requirements as one of the greatest qualities of all.
Do what you do with all your passion and set yourself small but attractive goals.

Tip 6: find places that inspire you.

Whether it's a museum, your own living room, a shady spot under your favorite tree in the park or the toilet - places have a magical effect on our mind. And there the ideas flow into our brains as if by themselves. Find such a place. And a little tip is allowed: you won't find it in front of the telly.

Tip 7: read!

Reading inspires the imagination and promotes creativity. Not infrequently after - or even while - reading a good book, ideas and ideas just bubble out of me. It's just amazing how much reading a book can stimulate your imagination and creativity. In contrast to television, images are created in our head when we read. They are not served to us pre-chewed and only have to be (re-) consumed. Try it yourself. Give your brain the food it needs.

Tip 8: Creativity = Idea + Implementation²

Finally, maybe something depressing: creativity alone is not enough! Because at least 90 percent of success depends on correct implementation. There is a lot of talk about innovation and uniqueness, but really “unique” is almost nothing.
The real art lies in having ideas at the right moment and then proving the necessary stamina, digging into it and fighting for success.
And don't worry if you're scared of “stealing ideas”, most “creative people” just copy and do things a little better. And as Paul Arden once wrote: "It doesn't matter where you take things from, what matters is where you take them." - He stole that from Jim Jarmusch, by the way.

Successful are not those with the best idea, but those who do the best work at the right moment.