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How can I fix GoPro SD card errors

GoPro is the most versatile camera in the world and not as versatile as it is supposed to be when it comes to handling SD cards. The camera is known for its incredible ability to capture high quality action video. often look its users in the face "SD card error”. Are you one of those people who face GoPro SD errors? Know How to Fix GoPro SD Card Error Also, this article will teach you how to format SD card in GoPro camera.

How can I safely fix Gopro SD card errors?

Be it your smartphone, DSLR, or a resolved Gopro SD card, they all rely on SD cards to store photos and videos. GoPro in particular requires a special SD card with a very high read and write speed in order to work without interruptions. If SD cards that do not meet the requirements of the camera are used, a GoPro SD card error will occur.

No SD error or SD card error:

This is one of the most common mistakes with GoPro cameras. The error is the same regardless of the GoPro version used. Let's see how to fix GoPro SD card error.

How do I fix a GoPro SD card error?

To fix gopro sd card error, all you need to do is follow the methods below one by one:

  • Removing or reinserting the SD card: Make sure the SD card is properly inserted in the camera. Try to remove it and put it back in properly.
  • Try a GoPro Compatible SD Card: If an error occurred with the GoPro SD card after recording a high resolution video and the SD card has problems due to the slow reading and writing speed. Try another SD card that is compatible with GoPro and see if you get the same error.
  • Format SD card with error: After the previous step, if you are sure that the error is due to the problem with the SD card, then you need to format the SD card. Formatting the SD card should fix the GoPro SD card error.

However, we all know that formatting the SD card will erase everything that was on the SD card. If your SD card can be read by your computer, we recommend that you copy the data and then format the SD card.

If no data is displayed on the SD card when it is connected to the computer, this is a sign of possible corruption. The only way to fix this is to format your SD card.

You may be wondering what about the videos captured on GoPro? Are you gone? No not true. You saved your GoPro videos in a home called an SD card and forgot the key to the home. The only way to save your precious data is to open the lock and get inside.

How you do that? By using an SD card recovery software that can help you get your GoPro videos back safely.

Remo SD card recovery software is your safest bet on getting back your GoPro videos that are lost on the SD card with GoPro SD errors. Regardless of the formatted or reformatted SD card or any data loss scenario, Remo can help you get back your photos and videos not just with GoPro but with any camera.

One last thing to know is that it is completely free to download and try out. Don't waste your time and get your GoPro videos back now.

How do I format a GoPro SD card in GoPro?

Yes, you can safely format your solved gopro SD card error without removing it and connecting it to a computer or smartphone. This method won't work if the GoPro SD error doesn't cause your camera to read your GoPro SD card.

Quick Steps to Format SD Card in GoPro (Hero 9 / 8/7/6/5)


  • Insert the SD card to be formatted into the camera
  • Turn on the camera and open the menu on the back screen
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down, tap Format SD Card and select Erase.

The above steps can help you format SD card that is not showing up due to GoPro SD card error.

NOTE: These steps only apply to Hero5 Black, Hero 6, Hero 7, Hero 8, and Hero 9.

If you are using older versions like Hero4 Session or Hero5 Session, here is a guide on how to format the gopro sd card errors for these versions of GoPro cameras:

How do I format an SD card using the GoPro app?

  • Insert the memory card into the GoPro camera and turn on the camera
  • Make sure the camera is connected to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Open the GoPro app and go to Settings
  • Go to the Delete section
  • Tap Erase all files from SD card.

In this way, you can format the solved gopro SD card errors safely without any hassle. These GoPro SD card formatting guide applies to all GoPro cameras that have Wi-Fi support.

Now that you know how to format the gopro sd card error camera, you can move on to the process. However, don't forget to make a backup copy of the existing data. You will lose all of your data from SD card if you format SD card without backup.

If you haven't backed up and lost videos on gopro sd card error, stop using the SD card and use a trusted card video recovery software to recover data from formatted SD card.

All of the above methods will surely help you recover your GoPro videos from SD card that was having problems with GoPro SD card error. However, you cannot rule out the possibility of your GoPro video being damaged. In such cases, your serious work is at stake and you should respond by quickly repairing corrupted GoPro video files with the help of video repair software you can rely on.

Remo Video Repair software is the recommended tool to fix your GoPro video files or no videos rotated on another camera easily. With its advanced repair algorithm, Remo can fix videos with any degree of corruption or corruption with just 3 clicks.

The tool can help you fix videos recorded with Hero 9, Hero 8, Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, Hero4, Hero3, Fusion and Karma.

Download the tool now for free and try it out.

Note: If you are having trouble exporting the GoPro video files and you are encountering GoPro Export 30 error, this information can be helpful.

Important tips for better handling your GoPro and your SD card:

  • Always make sure that you are using an SD card that is compatible with the GoPro camera
  • Keep your GoPro camera up to date with every software update
  • Carry out regular data backups to avoid data loss in difficult situations
  • If you lost or damaged a GoPro video file, try Remo and get it back


With GoPro growing in popularity for its versatility in recording high-action video, it is important that you are equipped with this gopro sd card error guide. Sometimes it happens that the recovered video files cannot be played after formatting SD card. It is recommended to know how to fix a GoPro video file that cannot be played. Let us know in the comments section below if this article helped you fix SD card error or if you successfully formatted SD card in GoPro.