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Year-end party 2016

Year-end party on December 17th, 2016 in the hall of the nursing home on Fidicinstrasse

I'm slowly getting into a routine after three years. The appointments with the home management are something personal and this year I have tapped all the dates until 2017. I was able to see almost all the artists on the Kids Fun presentation day in September with excerpts from their shows. It was wonderful, but there is a lot that is not suitable for us or is beyond our budget. Since I also wanted to get out of the rut of one agency, to conquer something new, it was very exciting and with the red noses we got a fascinating super duo. This year my bike went with me to all my groceries because Michaela was out, but we are a great duo. It was like every year: some have difficulties registering and some have to register and be there on time; but then expect everything on site!

Everyone who was there on time was able to take part in the entire celebration - welcome, the wonderful, most delicious buffet for which I would like to thank all parents again very much. Thanks also to Georg and his loved ones who provided small plates of delicacies at every table. At this point, thank you to all those who helped set up and dismantle!

Sigrid is the best woman to enter, Regina the super coffee maker - thanks and Angelika has new cup surprises every year. Thanks.

With just a little delay, we started the afternoon with Uwe's review of 2016. I would also like to say a very big thank you to Luisa, the courageous artist from our ranks who gave us a rich gift of piano playing. The December painter animated the children to quickly guess for lines. The red-nosed clown was so deeply hypnotized that she could even fly - madness! There was a little surprise for all artists. After the grandiose award ceremony we were very lucky and with loud clapping and clapping we got Santa Claus. He had another Christmas story and some questions. In the end, the good old man had a likeness of delicious chocolate in his big burlap sack for every child and teen. He already knows some of them by name. After saying goodbye to everyone with good wishes for 2017, many parents immediately gave feedback, which for us organizers is the best thank you when everyone has felt good. What would celebrations be without guests? Nothing !

With this in mind, a Happy New Year to all members

3 times soaking wet Heidrun

If there are spontaneous people in the club who say that's so great, we support Heidrun 2017 then get in touch with courage.

A highlight, "the red noses"

and of course the honors of the club championships