How can movement addiction be prevented

Exercise addict: "I trained despite pneumonia"

A day without exercise? Unthinkable for 59-year-old A. - she is addicted to exercise. “Bluewin” editor Sulamith Ehrensperger wrote down what it is like for A. to live with this addiction.

D.he first appeared on the subject on Tuesday, February 11th, and may be read here.

“Bluewin” met A. for a walk - and just let her talk. Your answer to the question of what it's like to be a sports addict is given here verbatim:

«Sport is very important to me and an extremely large part of my life. I exercise every day. If not, I'm not doing well - and neither is my environment. I get annoyed, am more impatient and restless, sleep less well, feel uncomfortable and have the feeling that I feel worse.

For my basic well-being, I inevitably have to be able to move. Movement makes me happy, my mind calms down a bit. After exercising, I feel more balanced, more creative and more resilient. As a civil engineer and project manager, I usually work under time and cost pressure. I get a serenity from sport so that I can deal with it better.

So I would rather do without an aperitif than my training. Of course, burning calories is not unimportant, because I am quite a connoisseur and don't want to count calories. After all, I would like to eat a piece of cake when I am invited. I train for around two hours every day. I love all kinds of fitness, Tae Bo, functional training and crossfit, in my free time I hike and ride my bike everywhere. And always try something new.

I admit, sometimes I have to bring myself to exercise. The older I get the more. Even in the past, I rarely allowed myself days off from training. My husband and I were active and worked intensively as a coach in basketball, and later I was also a coach in children's football. I admit: my exercise habits do not match what I preached as a coach. As a former trainer, I know that training breaks are important.

The worst thing I've ever done was exercising with pneumonia. I might not do that anymore today. Fortunately, I'm rarely sick, and I don't have a thermometer either. It's more likely that orthopedic or muscular problems put a stop to my training plans.

Yes, I am a very disciplined person and a planner. I love lists, plans, timetables and order. I used to think a lot about training plans, in my role as a coach anyway. I think I've loosened up a little. I always put together a weekly schedule and follow through with it. To deviate from him costs me to overcome. But if I have the feeling that the body is giving a red alarm, I can deviate from my goal in the meantime.

Reason came creeping in, about five years ago. Until then, I was still in competition mode, I would have participated in anything and anywhere. I have to admit that I was on a manic trip. Today I can say to myself: Ok, it really hurts, now you don't! Then I'll go to tai chi or on my bike instead. I think I'm on the right track - and I'll keep moving. "

«Extreme sports»:The first article on “Sports addicts really get into a vicious circle” - is there help? was released on Tuesday, February 11th.

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