Is Eminem back in the Illuminati

Eminem's three personalities The who's who of the Marshall Mathers


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The most successful rapper of this decade is back ... After more than 60 million albums, we ask ourselves: Who are we actually dealing with - Marshall Mathers, Eminem or Slim Shady?

Status: May 20, 2009 | archive

After five years of abstinence, Eminem is back with his new studio album "Relapse". What has he been doing for the past five years? Took drugs and cared for his three selves.

If you look at the topics of his texts, you will be guided by private problems with the family, through ordinary battleraps, to descriptions of a blood massacre from the perpetrator's point of view. At first glance, that doesn't necessarily mean that it can be reconciled. You quickly realize that the right question doesn't have to be whether all this is true, but simply: Who is actually speaking?

Eminem is the synonym under which the now 36-year-old Marshall Mathers began rapping and became one of the most successful musicians of our time. When it comes to freestyle battles, punchlines or political messages, we don't hear Marshall Mathers speak, but the rapper Eminem. Under this pseudonym Eminem became a member of the rap crew D-12, founded by the rapper Proof, who died in 2006. The development from no-name to a respected rapper was described in detail in Curtis Hanson's film "8 Mile" in 2002.

The boy from the Detroit slums already used the alter ego Slim Shady on his first EP. As Slim Shady, he raps about murder, rape and mental illness - insulting celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Moby and, most recently, Sarah Palin. Or he describes explicitly repulsive splatter sequences or sex scenes. It is not uncommon for Eminem to get personal and break the boundaries between the different personalities: He raps how he kills his wife and buries her together with his daughter. In real life, Eminem marries his childhood sweetheart and divorces her again. Twice.

Marshall Mathers - the private person

All matters relating to Eminem personally are dealt with under his real name - Marshall Mathers. The divorce from his wife, the accusations of alleged homophobia, the role model function for gunmen and his growing drug problem, he brings uncensored into the public. Already at the Freestyle Battles in the Detroit hip-hop shop, he took away any attack surface from his opponents in this way. He listed all of his weaknesses before the others could do it. Especially the problems with his mother, whom he portrays as a drug addict and violent.

"Relapse" - Guess who’s back

Also on his new album "Relapse", all three characters are represented again - Eminem, Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady. When the real Marshall Mathers becomes addicted to drugs, writer's block develops at Eminem, which only clears after he gets clean and comes to terms with everything. The time of the pill addiction is a lot of inspiration for Eminem's alter ego Slim Shady. "Relapse" is a comeback with which Eminem silences critics and shows everyone that he is still what he has always been: himself. And the other two.