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Harry Kane relies on infrared: Physiotherm infrared cabins at the 2018 World Cup

The English national player Harry Kane relies on heat applications in training, the infrared cabin is even in the luggage at the World Cup in Russia

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Physiotherm infrared cabins at the 2018 soccer world championship

In top sport, heat applications are already an integral part of modern training concepts. This is also the case with the English national player Harry Kane, who himself has the infrared cabin with him at the World Cup in Russia.

With Harry Kane to Russia

In May 2017, the infrared cabin salesman in the Physiotherm Shop in London was amazed when soccer star Harry Kane strolled through the door and found out about infrared heat and infrared cabins. The English national team player found his way to the shop following the advice of his personal trainer. In his opinion, regular heat applications should help to further optimize Kane's performance and to regenerate it in a targeted manner. The professional soccer player was ultimately so convinced that the infrared cabin could not be missing from the World Cup in Russia. The star poses in front of the infrared cabin on Instagram.

Effect of heat

Whole-body applications with heat - in other words, applications in which the entire organism is "warmed through" - are increasingly finding their place in the training plan of top athletes. Whole-body warming applications in low-temperature infrared cabins have proven to be particularly gentle and efficient.

These work according to a special principle: The warming effects should develop primarily in the body shell - muscles, connective tissue, bones, joints - without creating an artificial fever in the core of the body. In the body shell, the tissue temperatures are well below the core body temperature of approx. 37 ° C. In order to warm the body gently and efficiently, the infrared cabins work with a room temperature between 27 and 35 ° C. In this temperature range, the body does not need to use any energy for heat regulation, the blood vessels between the skin and the core of the body are open.

The heat supply in the infrared cabin takes place exclusively via the back heater. When the infrared rays hit the body, they are absorbed by the uppermost layers of the skin, converted into heat and thus do not penetrate any further into the body. In contrast to sauna applications, however, the body's heat alarm system does not start - that is, the flow of heated blood is allowed to the inside of the body.

The core body temperature rises continuously and slowly from the start. The supplied heat is then gradually distributed from the inside to the outside via the blood circulation and blood distribution. This leads to better blood circulation, targeted relaxation of the muscles and better "hydration" of the tissue. This means that the body regenerates faster and the risk of injury is minimized.

Lots of warmth in professional football

So it's not surprising that infrared applications have now made it to Russia for the World Cup. But even in the German Bundesliga, infrared cabins are now a common means of physiotherapists for treating players at many clubs. This also applies to the preparation for the season, accompanying training, in the regeneration phase or after injuries.

About Physiotherm

Physiotherm has been a leading manufacturer of innovative infrared cabins for 20 years. The multiple versions are adapted to the target groups according to individual needs. In private areas, thermal baths, rehabilitation centers as well as hotel and wellness areas, the unique Physiotherm technology leads to maximum relaxation and the best warmth. The combination of low-temperature infrared technology and patented lava sand technology can strengthen the immune system, increase the metabolism and relieve tension. Physiotherm continues to develop the products with its in-house research and development department, addressing the needs of the human organism.

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