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Elementary school teacher - studies, training, salary and requirements

Do you like to work pedagogically with children? Are patience and a sense of responsibility among your virtues? Perhaps then the job description in elementary school teaching is just right for you.

This profession has developed into a women's domain in the last few decades, and men are now rather the exception here. A tendency that is undesirable, especially since primary school children in particular need a male caregiver due to their age.

Job description of primary school teacher

Primary school teachers not only work in primary schools, they can also be found in boarding schools and student dormitories.

Primary school teachers give general education in grades 1 to 4 and not only perform technical tasks here, but are also particularly active in educating. Especially in the 1st grade it is important to let the students arrive in the school system, the transition between daycare and school is huge for them.

As a rule, the children of the primary school have a class teacher who shares the different subjects with another teacher. In the meantime, 2 class teachers are often employed, depending on the federal state.

A specialization of the teaching staff, as in the secondary schools, where almost every subject is taught by a different teacher, does not take place in the primary level.

Elementary school teachers teach the children specific skills such as reading and writing. They teach the basics of various subjects and also teach the children socially accepted behavior and the generally applicable value system.

The cooperation between parents and primary school teachers plays an important role here. Problems are increasingly occurring in this area, mainly among socially disadvantaged families and families with a migration background.

Politics is trying with one here pre-school language test to counteract. Unfortunately, children who come to school with extremely poor German language skills are not uncommon, which makes primary school teachers an extremely difficult task.

In order to check the level of learning in the primary school, the teacher regularly carries out tests and work that must be checked at home. Lessons are also prepared at the home workplace. These domestic activities are part of the job description.

Salary as a primary school teacher

No remuneration is provided for the training, but there is for the subsequent practical training in the preparatory year.

The salary of teachers for primary level, with successfully passed the second state examination and legal clerkship, is based on the respective state tariffs and is in grade A 12. The salary in level 3 is around 2,500 euros and in level 12 around 3,500 Euros gross. However, depending on age, performance, etc., the salary for the teaching post can vary.

The earnings of primary school teachers differ significantly from the salaries in secondary schools. A situation that will probably not last long, the pressure on the state authorities to increase salaries is growing steadily, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Training as a primary school teacher

Studying at a university is compulsory for teachers. However, there are no uniform regulations nationwide because the individual federal states are responsible for the area of ​​education policy.

Some federal states offer studies exclusively for elementary school / primary level, while others offer links with the teaching profession at secondary schools or at secondary and secondary schools.

The course to become a primary school teacher concludes, depending on the federal state, with the examination of the first state examination. The master’s degree is equivalent to the first state examination. The bachelor's degree is usually achieved after at least 6 semesters; for the master’s degree to become a primary school teacher, another 2 semesters are required.

After completing the course, the preparatory service / legal clerkship takes place for a period of 18 to 24 months, depending on the federal state. The preparatory service takes place under supervision at the elementary school and serves the practical experience under the aspects of pedagogy, didactics and methodology as well as under the subject-specific aspects.

Male primary school teachers are in demand and have good chances of getting a job in this profession. However, due to the low pay, many men choose other professions.

Properties and requirements

In the day-to-day work routine, the primary school teacher must cultivate good relationships with people, primarily children and adolescents, of course. Every day has to be encouraged and instructed, but also evaluated and criticized. The faculty should care about the well-being of each individual student.

In order to be able to exercise the profession of elementary school teacher, the ability to analyze thinking is necessary. You have to plan and organize, for example at parents' evenings, conferences or excursions.

Most of the work in this profession takes place at home. A talent for self-organization and self-motivation is therefore essential.

Dealing with parents has also become more and more difficult for years, which is why good communication skills should be available. Expectations of school are rising and parents often take their frustrations out on teachers.

Video about work and studies in primary school teaching

Application as a primary school teacher

After the apprenticeship or studies, the preparatory year / legal clerkship takes place through assignment of the education ministries of the federal states. Social factors, such as children or caring for a family member, play an important role here. Waiting times may have to be accepted.

After the second state examination, teachers apply for vacancies of their choice. In addition to the performance, the decisive factor here is which combination of subjects must be presented.

The application is made with a written application folder, in the classic way with cover letter, tabular curriculum vitae and certificates / certificates, to the respective elementary school.

More application tips and tricks!

Employment numbers and trends

The job market figures for teachers are good. After years of hiring freezes, many schools have the problem that their teaching staff is disappearing into pensions. There will be good prospects here in public primary schools in the coming years.
However, the number of births continues to decline, which is why elementary schools have to close depending on the region.

The project to expand all-day schools nationwide is planned. Ideally, there is a lively exchange of educators and teaching staff within the supervision in order to achieve individual support.

The principle of promoting and demanding is also being expanded further. Many schools have already recognized the advantages of new forms of learning and, for example, no longer exclusively practice frontal teaching. The PISA results also point in this direction, which is why a change can be expected here in the future.

However, there are also problems that elementary schools face. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, it is no longer possible to postpone a child, so that with the required school-leaving qualification, it will only start school at the age of 7. While PISA winners like Finland do not enroll until they are 7 years old, a fatal performance concept is making its way into Germany, which will have the opposite effect. In addition, inclusion presents schools with new challenges.

Source: Employment and unemployment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency (IAB Research Group on Vocational Labor Markets).

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