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Las Vegas, National Parks and Florida


I'll start with the idea, even if there are no photos of us to be seen here or if only alienated according to the forum rules. In addition, we are otherwise not so killer publicly on the net.

Yours truly and writer: Sven, 44 years old today.

Woman: for the sake of simplicity: woman, the same applies to daughter, then 10 years old.

Also there: my parents. Father, then 71 years old, and mother, then 65 years old.

My wife and I are quite experienced vacationers in the USA and it was also the fifth trip to the USA for our daughter. My parents have already been over with us three times.

When we have these vacations on our list, there is a lot of planning going on. Hotels, motels, holiday apartments, rental cars, restaurants and, last but not least, the flights: we leave little to chance.

The planning started in August 2016 in different variants. One thing was certain: we finally want to go back to Las Vegas and the nearby National Parks.

After a lot of back and forth it was the following tour:

Day 1-4: Las Vegas and surroundings (Death Valley, Hoover Dam, helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon, Vegas itself and typical Vegas buffet :-)

Day 5: Drive over Zion NP to Bryce Canyon NP

Day 6: Drive to Moab and Arches NP

Day 7: Moab and Canyonlands

Day 8: Drive to Monument Valley and overnight there.

Day 9: Drive to the Grand Canyon and on to Flagstaff

Day 10: Drive to Santa Fe

Day 11: Drive to Albuquerque

Day 12: Flight from Albuquerque to Tampa / FL and on to Anna Maria Island.

We couldn't foresee that things would turn out completely different and that the vacation was about to be canceled ... But more on that later.

The wife and I were able to experience this 21 years earlier (at the time of travel in 2017) - but not together. We didn't even know each other then.

My parents knew New York, Washington, Florida and Louisiana and we really wanted to show them these wonderful spots on earth and then to relax on our beloved Anna Maria Island in Florida.

The time to travel was getting closer and closer and 5 days before the flight our daughter had the crazy idea of ​​breaking both arms. On the left there was a smooth breakthrough, on the right it was "only" the spoke ... Sunday afternoon it was operated on immediately after the accident and the bones straightened. In our minds we have already canceled everything. The operation went very well and “only” nails were pushed through the skin to keep the bones stable and to avoid having to cut.

What now? We didn't want to be seen as selfish parents and of course we had to ask the doctors about the upcoming vacation.

The operating doctors were relatively optimistic, but wanted to wait two more days and the senior doctor's judgment.

On Tuesday we got the medical OK without any conditions and we left the decision to our daughter alone. All the pros and cons were written down and weighed against each other with the result that she really wanted to travel. She might also have pain in D, her friends would be gone anyway, she wasn't allowed to swim here either and here she would be bored. So she wanted.

The fact that you and I are privately insured has also reassured us a little for any upcoming doctor's visits in the USA. Incidentally, the health insurance company also gave us the OK and even emailed us recommended orthopedic surgeons in our travel regions.

Both arms were only given a plaster cast so that we could or had to constantly change the bandage.

However, it still had to be clarified with KLM whether there would be any restrictions on their part in the case of broken bones and the helicopter flight in Las Vegas should also still be clarified.

There were absolutely no restrictions on either.

So, now Thursday, June 22nd, 2017. Take off with KLM from Hamburg via Amsterdam and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Departure at 6am ... be at the airport two hours beforehand, drop off the car, etc. So the night was over at 2:30 am.

We took care of our sweet little cripple and off we went.

Due to problems with the aircraft's brakes, the departure should be delayed by at least an hour, as the technicians were still in bed. With only three hours of transfer time in Amsterdam, we got a bit nervous, also because we didn't know the size of Schiphol.

But everything went well and there was even time for a nice Heineken at the great bar of the same name. Ice cold at around 9am - no matter: it's vacation :-)

The connecting flight to LA was then easily two hours late because the air conditioning was defective and the 747 had to be cooled down to at least 21 ° before the start of the journey - it was at 28 ° at the official time of check-in ... With the size, it takes a while otherwise the flight would not operate.

But that also worked at the last minute. In the end, it was a matter of a minute, as the landing window in LA was almost closed and the flight would have been canceled in this case.

With the long flight and considering the cast arms, the previously booked Economy Plus at KLM was fully worth it. The increase in legroom was immense.

Fantastic view of Greenland.

Arrival in LA.

Daughter and grandpa in sleep mode. The lady in the background confused us a bit - sweatpants etc. are known enough from flights, but that outfit was something different ;-)

Arriving in Las Vegas - even at the airport rows with slot machines.

Because of the history, that was a lot of text, I don't know if I'll keep it that way, but I'm currently in "write mode" ;-)

Tomorrow we'll continue with Vegas & Co.

Hopefully that's okay with the photos, last time a photo was deleted due to unauthorized linking.