Can humans eat cancer cells?

Nutrition in cancer: what deprives the tumor of nutrition

You can't cure cancer with food, but you can help the body fight tumors. How cancer sufferers should eat.

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Cancer sufferers should eat a balanced diet - this includes sufficient vitamins and trace elements, but fatty dishes can also be on the menu.

Many people with cancer lose weight over the course of treatment. This also weakens your body and makes you more susceptible to infections, among other things. A balanced, low-sugar, but high-calorie diet is therefore important. "Especially with cancer, it is very important that the body remains strong and fit," says Martin Strauch, specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology in Munich.

Cancer and cancer therapy weaken the body

Those with cancer often run the risk of their bodies becoming weaker over time. “That is due to two factors,” explains the deputy chairman of the Gastro League. "The progressive cancer weakens the immune system, and the therapy also eats away at the body." It is therefore important to keep the body fit through food.

Strengthen the immune system with nutrition

Sometimes it's not that easy. Because cancer patients often suffer from loss of appetite or nausea. Nevertheless, they should try to eat enough, emphasizes chief physician Prof. Richard Raedsch, an expert in nutritional medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology at the St. Josefs Hospital in Wiesbaden. Otherwise the patient may become susceptible to other infections or he may not tolerate chemotherapy well.

Weight gain, but no sugar, please!

Strauch recommends eating and drinking what you feel like eating. "No matter what food: it supplies the body with energy and at the same time ensures a good general state of health and the maintenance of quality of life." Raedsch adds: "You should eat a high-calorie and balanced diet." The high-calorie diet should help the body not to lose too much weight as a result of the therapy. "And balanced means consuming enough vitamins and trace elements and not drinking too much alcohol, for example."

Cancer cells love sugar

In addition, there are approaches to a more specific diet for cancer patients. "You cannot cure cancer with food," emphasizes Gisela Krause-Fabricius from Mühlheim, nutritionist and author of the new guidebook "How do I eat with cancer?" the consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia. "But you can help the body to outsmart the cancer cells, so to speak." Cancer cells change the body's metabolism and mainly use sugar for their own energy production. "On the other hand, they only utilize fats slightly."

Fat and protein instead of white flour

Her advice: “Consume as much fat as possible and as little sugar as possible, then the cancer cells will have a hard time getting the energy they need to grow. In addition, the metabolism needs more protein than a healthy one. " In this way, cancer cells cannot be starved, but physical strength is stabilized or improved. It is important to pay attention to the right fats - for example fish, linseed oil, butter and cream. Food made from light flours or sweets should be avoided. The body retained muscle mass and weight for longer.

Cancer treatment alters sense of smell

Nevertheless, many cancer patients sometimes do not feel like eating. “Chemotherapy, radiation or even the tumor itself can change the sense of smell and taste, for example,” reports Krause-Fabricius, who worked in an oncology practice for years. Avoid eating food that is too hot to counteract the smell. "A hot meal smells more than a cold one." And if everything tastes metallic to you, you can use a plastic spoon instead of a metal spoon. "That usually helps a little."

Drink, fruit, salads

According to Strauch, anyone who suffers from diarrhea or vomiting should drink a lot to replace lost fluids and salts. Krause-Fabricius adds: "You can try out whether you can tolerate certain foods better in a different form." If, for example, it doesn't work so well with fresh fruit, compote or smoothies can be better. And if raw salads and vegetables lead to diarrhea, steamed dishes may be more tolerable.

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