Why don't people like peppers

Preparation tip: This makes paprika easier to digest

Green, yellow or red: paprika is healthy and full of vitamins. However, those who cannot tolerate the vegetables do not necessarily have to do without them. Properly prepared it becomes more digestible.

Not everyone can tolerate peppers. Raw pods, in particular, can cause stomach upsets for some. Anyone who reacts sensitively should follow the advice of the Federal Center for Nutrition: Wash and peel peppers. Because the fruit is better tolerated without the skin.

The best way to remove the skin is with a potato peeler. You can also put the fruits in the oven at 220 degrees until the skin turns brown and blisters. Then let the peppers sweat briefly under a damp cloth and peel off the skin.

Pay attention to a firm shell when buying

When buying the fruit, on the other hand, you should attach importance to a firm, smooth skin and a crisp stem. When choosing, it is important to ensure that the vegetables do not have any stains or cracks.

The degree of ripeness can be recognized by the color of the peppers:

  • Green peppers are unripe, but still edible and have a bitter taste.
  • Orange and yellow peppers have a milder taste.
  • Red peppers are harvested when they are ripe and taste much sweeter and more aromatic.

And another tip: Since the peppers are sensitive to the cold, it is better not to put them in the refrigerator. A cool pantry or cellar with temperatures of eight to ten degrees is ideal. There the pods can be kept for a few days.