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Absorption of hazardous substances into the human body

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Potential health hazards from hazardous substances depend not only on how dangerous the substance is, but also on how you come into contact with it.

Essentially, hazardous substances can get to and into our body in three ways and lead to diseases there, for example of the nervous system, liver or kidneys.

You can for example

  • are inhaled as gases, vapors and dusts,
  • are swallowed as dusts and liquids or
  • reach the skin as dusts and liquids and thereby irritate the skin and
  • even penetrate the body through the skin.

2Hygiene measures when handling hazardous substances

In order to prevent hazardous substances from being increasingly absorbed via the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract or being carried away into private areas, hygienic protective measures are necessary when working with hazardous substances:

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling hazardous substances. This is the only way to prevent pollutants from being "eaten" or being able to decompose on the embers of the cigarette and inhaling the toxic and irritating decomposition products. Not only can hazardous substances get into the lungs through smoking, but there is also an acute risk of fire, depending on the hazardous substance.
  • Before entering the break and social rooms, wash your hands and, if necessary, your face thoroughly. Here, too, it is important to prevent pollutants from being absorbed via snacks and cigarettes. Then use skin care products.
  • Before entering the break and social rooms, remove dangerous dusts from clothing.
  • Do not store any food in the vicinity of hazardous substances. Certain hazardous substances are increasingly deposited in fatty foods such as butter or sausage and can get into the body when consumed.
  • Change clothes after finishing work. Store street clothes separately from work clothes.

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