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7 reasons to do a student exchange in Canada

A student exchange gives you the opportunity to gain unique experiences, to live with a host family, to learn a language and to develop personally. Perhaps you already have a few countries in mind where you would like to spend your year abroad.

Curtain up for an absolute country highlight for your student exchange: Canada! Only 36 million people live in the size of Europe, a fraction of the German population. In the second largest country in the world, in addition to breathtaking nature and friendly people, you will find the ultimate opportunity to improve your English and French skills at the same time.

We'll tell you why you should choose Canada as the host country for your student exchange.

# 1 Beautiful nature is practically at your feet

You've probably heard it by now, but Canada really has a lot to offer when it comes to nature, adventure and outdoor activities. Endless expanses, mountain regions, remote national parks with crystal clear lakes, but also hidden bays on the west coast and green forests in between, you will find on Canadian soil.

And if you really find it boring between so much nature, there are still impressive cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal or idyllic Québec to explore.

# 2 There are two official languages

While English is spoken more in the western part of the country, you can completely immerse yourself in French in the eastern part of Canada. Some provinces are also fully French-speaking or bilingual if you want to improve both languages ​​straight away.

Due to the relaxed mentality, Canadians speak a little more slowly than their neighbors from the USA and are therefore easier to understand.

# 3 The school system is outstanding

The Canadian school system is recognized worldwide for its high level of education. Small classes allow personal attention from the teacher, which is especially beneficial if you do not understand something immediately.

You will probably find the biggest difference here in the fact that your classmates are often friends with their teachers and you not only see them on point during class, but they are also present at activities or events after school.

High school in Canada often lasts until the late afternoon, when you and your classmates take part in sports and other recreational activities after regular classes.

# 4 Everyday life is truly multi-cultural

Especially in the big cities like Vancouver or Toronto, things are really multicultural. Here you will surely notice immediately how many Asian faces you meet. The reason for this is the active immigration policy that Canada operates and the attractiveness for investors from Asia in a consistently growing economy.

Your host family could look like this: Your host mother is originally from Ireland, your host father from Hong Kong, and your host sister was born in Canada and is Canadian through and through. You will also meet many different nations at school, because there is no such thing as a typical Canadian. In addition, the country is very young at just 100 years old. The indigenous people, Eskimos and Indians make up just under 2% of the total population.

Canada prides itself on its multicultural population and encourages immigrants to maintain their diverse, cultural traditions. This gives you the opportunity not only to experience Canadian traditions and customs, but also to get to know people and their customs from all over the world.

# 5 A high standard of living is waiting for you

As a sparsely populated country, the average level of prosperity of the population is comparable to that of Germany.

The city of Vancouver in particular has received several awards as one of the most livable cities in the world. In a unique setting between mountains and sea you will find beautiful, listed houses, a relaxed atmosphere and a mild climate.

# 6 You can ski and surf the same day

You will probably also have time to travel to Canada during your high school stay and get to know the different regions of this fascinating country. We're sure the diversity of Canada is 99% guaranteed to blow your mind.

For example, the beaches around Vancouver invite you to surf in the morning at sunrise, while you can visit Cypress Mountain very close to Vancouver in the afternoon. Mighty ski areas invite you to enjoy snowy winter landscapes and even ski down the slopes under floodlights.

# 7 Hospitality is capitalized

Canadians are described as incomparably hospitable. They are also polite and helpful. You even thank the bus driver at the end of the journey. Even in the supermarket or when you go to a restaurant you are naturally asked how you are.

Canada is a cosmopolitan country and you will receive a warm welcome with more open arms! Here you can find more information about student exchanges in Canada.

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