How do I restore the groundwater

Groundwater - drinking water

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    Groundwater - wealth in the depths

Great goods from deep layers

Most of our drinking water comes from the groundwater. These are underground natural water supplies. Groundwater is formed by rainwater that seeps into the ground and penetrates deep into the earth through many layers of rock. As it travels through the various layers of rock, the water is filtered and purified. That is why groundwater is usually very clear and clean water. It then collects on a waterproof layer. So that it can be used as drinking water, it is pumped back to the earth's surface from deep wells and distributed via the water pipe. Sometimes the groundwater has to be cleaned in the waterworks before it is distributed.

Groundwater is not only vital for humans. It also fills our streams, rivers, and lakes. It plays an important role in all of nature. When groundwater reaches close to the surface of the earth, it supplies trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. It also creates valuable habitats, such as wet meadows. They are the habitat for many animals and plants that have become rare. In some places, groundwater also comes back to the earth's surface as a source. Because groundwater does not stand still, it flows underground.

Lisa goes underground

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