What are satellite speakers

Combine satellite speakers with subwoofers for the best sound

Teufel has been developing and producing high-quality subwoofer-satellite combinations for decades. As one of the first manufacturers in Europe, we have succeeded in not only creating space-saving loudspeakers, but also a sound quality that is more than convincing for film and music, which has received multiple awards from the trade press.

In this article, we will explain exactly what the advantages of the interaction of satellite speakers with active subwoofers are.

Subwoofer-satellite combinations

So-called subwoofer-satellite combinations are not only characterized by their enormous compactness, but also by a wide frequency range that cannot be achieved exclusively with floorstanding loudspeakers. Even well-known film production studios mix on subwoofer-satellite combinations in surround and stereo.

Our sets consist of the following components: five, six or seven compact satellite speakers (or slim columns) for the front and rear channels plus one or even two powerful active subwoofers. Such a satellite subwoofer system is usually controlled via an AV receiver. Its loudspeaker setup determines which frequency ranges are to be reproduced via the front and surround channels and the subwoofer.

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Crossover frequency between satellite speakers and subwoofer

In a complete system, the AV receiver has the important task of distributing the various channels to the appropriate boxes. So that he knows what belongs where, you can set the crossover frequency on the receiver. The receiver forwards everything above this frequency to the satellite speakers; everything that is below the set value is transmitted to the subwoofer. However, the transition is fluid, as you could hear a hard separation.

However, you should not set the crossover frequency at random, because it also depends on which frequency the loudspeakers or subwoofers can reproduce. Otherwise frequency holes can occur.

The crossover frequency to be selected between satellite and subwoofer is usually between 80 and 150 Hz. The satellites from the Teufel range are designed in such a way that - regardless of the setup setting of the receiver - they automatically end their work at the optimal crossover frequency due to the design. Technically speaking: A crossover with a slope of 12 dB, in conjunction with the closed housing, ensures a gentle and linear level drop (depending on the model) at 80, 100, 120 or 150 Hz (please always refer to the operating instructions for your loudspeaker system).

You will find further information on the settings for the subwoofer in this post.

A convincing set of satellite speakers and subwoofer

Would you like a sound system whose components are optimally matched to each other and which perfectly accompanies music, films and games? Then the CONSONO 35 AVR “5.1-Set” will not disappoint you.

  • ▶ Five 2-way speakers ensure a realistic sound experience.
  • ▶ You can set up the wireless subwoofer flexibly in the room - either as a front or downfire subwoofer.
  • ▶ The Marantz Receiver NR1510 impresses with its high performance and is the reliable control center of your system.

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Conclusion: A subwoofer-satellite combination offers these advantages

  • A set of several small satellite speakers is often easier to distribute in the room than large floorstanding speakers.
  • Due to the combination with one or more separate subwoofers, the frequency range that your system can reproduce is particularly large.
  • A subwoofer-satellite combination is therefore suitable for playing both music and film sound.