What is DEATH in business

Death is business too

The cost of funeral home services varies considerably, and costs and prices are not disclosed everywhere. Even if it seems inconceivable, it should not go unmentioned that there are funeral companies that financially exploit the emotional exceptional situation of mourners.

Anyone who is affected by the dying and death of a loved one usually does not have the strength to carefully check invoices. But mourners shouldn't trust blindly and look carefully before paying bills.

You also need to know that there is no longer any death benefit from the health insurances. That means: The doctor who issues the death certificate must be rewarded as well as all services of the funeral home.

It is more sensible to request a written cost estimate from funeral directors, in which all individual services are listed, than to sign too hastily. This cost estimate should contain the following items:

  • Medical examination of the deceased and death certificate
  • Death certificate
  • In the case of cremation: costs for the official medical report, the cremation permit and the urn (note: a coffin must also be purchased for a cremation).
  • Cost of the obituary
  • Cost of the coffin with handles, inner lining, pillow and blanket
  • Transport costs of the deceased
  • Preparing the dead (washing and dressing)
  • Flower arrangements for funeral services and coffins, funeral orators for those without religious affiliation
  • Fee for the use of the funeral hall
  • First rent for the tomb
  • Possibly shared meals after the funeral.

Maintaining the grave is a great way to provide a framework and place for grief. It should therefore be asked whether all grave maintenance services offered by funeral directors and gardeners should be used.

For example, a coffin can cost between € 300 and € 6,000. On average, a funeral costs € 4,500; the prices are very different from region to region. Mourners who are deeply affected by the death of a person should not hesitate to accept the support of someone they trust in these financial matters.

The last and at the same time most expensive position in the context of the burial (burial) is the making and erection of the tombstone. As important as a worthy memorial stone is: it should not be commissioned immediately after the death, but in peace and with some time after the burial. Because the costs vary as well as the design options: Small stone tablets, e.g. B. in the form of an open book, with an inscription, can be had for less than € 1,000, real gravestones made of carved natural stone and with engraved letters cost ten times as much and more. On the other hand, many municipalities have liberalized the design regulations so that alternatives to natural stone slabs are now possible in many places. In any case, it is worthwhile to calm down and not want to "get everything over with" quickly.


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