What photos do you really like

To make it short: I know, I didn't like photos of myself either. But is of no use. You need some.

We live in a visual age. And if you then have to have some done, it is best to do it so well that you start to rethink whether you really don't like photos of yourself. And that's my job, my passion, my joy. I have already described why this is so important here.

And now the reasons not to like yourself in the photos I came across - and my answers to them.

"I don't like myself in photos" - In my experience, there is a simple reason for this. We see each other too seldom in photos and when we do, we see each other in unfavorably posed or unfavorably recorded poses and perspectives.

"I don't recognize myself in photos" - clear. You know your face like no one else. Unfortunately, it's always mirror-inverted. Everyone else knows you just like in the photos. You have to come to terms with the fact that everyone else knows you just like in the photos. And only you your reflection in the mirror. Since no face is symmetrical, the rabbit is in the pepper. Quite simply actually.

"I have wrinkles, you can see the age" - that is unfortunately the case. Start to come to terms with the fact that you are getting older. And make it clear to yourself that there are customers who appreciate you for precisely that reason. If you are young - use it for yourself. As you get older - use it for yourself. You then have life experience, other advantages. Then what are a few wrinkles. Incidentally, wrinkles are often the absence of light. And we have enough of that in the studio.

"I am too fat" - Above all, a headshot is one thing: honest. That's why I don't deform your body. But there are tricks that can reduce a few pounds. And the rest is just like that. We can also talk about the success of losing weight, I have a few tips. For me it is 25 kg that I have lost quickly and permanently. And then at the latest you need again - new photos!

"I am not a model" - honestly, almost no one is and a model is above all out to show little personality in order not to distract from what it is supposed to emphasize. You are you and that's what it's all about. And I'll guide you to the poses we need. You don't have to act, just be there and participate. We all lose the competence to use our hands as soon as a camera is nearby. That's why they can't be seen on headshots.

"I have red skin and pimples" - Almost everyone has that. That's why Photoshop was invented.

But there is something I will not interfere in: your hair. Hair is something so personal that I leave that to you. Almost everyone makes a conscious decision in favor of a hairstyle and, as a man, also a beard. Therefore: this is your topic, the hair is your responsibility. I advise you on outfit and colors - but never on your hair.