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What does a spiritually run company look like?

... from the weekly column about "Spirituality & Business"by Hans-Jürgen Krieg.

The time has come for companies to move completely spiritually. Many entrepreneurs and employees feel inside and at the same time experience on the outside that traditional corporate management is not working. Nobody is really satisfied. Sustainable successes can only be achieved, if at all, through the one-sided exploitation of human and natural resources. Nature shows us that there is another way. But what does a spiritually led company look like? How does it differ from a classic company?

For me, from a spiritual point of view, a company is defined by the fact that a group of people harmonize their skills with one another in such a way that together they develop a special uniqueness, the result of which brings other people or companies a benefit that is in harmony with themselves and the Nature stands. In my opinion, two key issues play a decisive role in the direction of such a company:

1. The Culture. This brings about from within that all those involved contribute optimally and feel comfortable in what they are doing.

2. The orientation. This ensures that everyone involved pulls in the same direction and that concrete results are achieved when doing it.

For the Culture there are already many tried and tested approaches. As far as I can see, there are proven methods and experiences in the areas of values ​​and communication. I still see a need for action on the subject of “true encounters”. The same applies to the spiritual bracket that conclusively connects all cultural aspects in business. I have clear ideas about what a spiritually influenced corporate culture looks like. The art lies in creating “spaces” in the company in which everyone can contribute safely and openly. In these rooms, the freedom of each individual is paramount. Everyone can be who they are. With all his fears and needs. In order for the rooms to remain stable, rules are required that are known to all those involved and to which they adhere. Rules are especially important when conflicts arise and someone does not fit into the group (or no longer) or is new to the group.

The subject of the is exciting for me orientation. What does a spiritually coherent orientation look like? I don't think that the classic approach to leadership through goals does justice to my sense of spirituality. For me it cannot be because goals have a future character and spirituality is purely present. It just doesn't go together. Spirituality works now. Not until tomorrow. But what can replace goals? A strong vision? Yes and no. Yes, because a powerful vision exudes a tremendous attraction and is a source of strength for everyone. Therefore, it makes sense for spiritual corporations to be guided by a powerful vision. But a vision alone is not enough as a guide. Because it does not provide a precise framework for daily decisions. It just leaves too much open. It is simply too fuzzy as a decision-making tool.


So what is suitable spiritually to help those affected to make the right decisions? I only see one thing. Spiritual people know that the path is created by walking. What is is now materialized. What gives a reliable orientation in every moment? The mind and supposedly proven knowledge? Certainly not. Our rational view of the world and its interrelationships is simply too limited and one-sided to be of reliable help here. Alone trusting application of intuition can provide orientation. Intuitive decisions are always possible in any situation. It is important that these are met with the attitude “I am led” and not true to the principle “I lead”. So the art lies in choosing from the attitude of humility and modesty. Intuitive decisions are made and supported by everyone involved. Everyone contributes according to their possibilities. In a spiritually led company, management is not alone in setting the direction. This is found and implemented by consensus among all those involved in a company. In addition to external representation, the role of management lies primarily in creating the right framework conditions in the company so that intuitive decisions are even possible.

It takes courage to consistently align a company spiritually. The courage to jump over one's own shadow and dare to do things for which there is no guarantee in the world. But this is not unusual for spiritual people. Because they know that life is a leap into nothingness at any moment.

Your Hans-Jürgen Krieg


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Hans-Jürgen Krieg is the author of the book series "The Little Igel". He coaches companies and individuals with a view to the practical use of their spiritual potential. With his profound understanding of the interrelationships of life and his more than 30 years of experience in business life, he supports those involved in building bridges with which they connect the real world with their "inner source".

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