Which cooking oil is best for pregnancy

Prevent stretch marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks, known as striae in medical jargon, are No rarity: Studies show that about 50-90% of all women2 Stretch marks and stretch marks develop during pregnancy. If the skin is stretched more than it can handle, cracks occur in the connective tissue on.

You can see it from the outside as deep red or purple stripes. After pregnancy fade the stripes in the Usually thin, silvery scarsthat are hardly noticeable anymore. The Stripes can occur on the abdomen, but also on the breasts, waist and hips, thighs or buttocks. At what point the stretch marks show up is individually different. With some women, they dive already at the beginning of pregnancy on, at others only a few weeks or days before the birth.

This is how you can prevent stretch marks

Oil massages

Prevent completely can you do the Usually no stripes. Consistent Massages however, can help that Minimize extent3. You should do this from the beginning of pregnancy twice daily massage the affected areas gently. The Blood circulation becomes stimulated and the Connective tissue loosened. The relieves feelings of tension and can help prevent stretch marks.

Because pregnancy also affects the Smell perception1 can affect you take preferably a massage oil or one cream with a very gentle fragrance or whole without perfume. A special pregnancy oil is best.

Massage baby bump and breasts with gentle movements - like this you help the skin stretch. Also after birth should you Continue massages, so that Stretch marks faster and better fade away. Whether stroking or plucking massage: You can find detailed instructions under: Massage during pregnancy.

Other benefits of regular massages:

  • Also yours Baby feels the massage. So you or dad can do it through the abdominal wall to touch lovingly. In this way, you can establish a bond (known as bonding) before birth.
  • Relaxation: Mom is doing well, to be pampered. The best way to enjoy the massage extensively is to find a quiet moment for it. Put on relaxing music, make yourself some tea or juice, and enjoy yourself.

Sport for mom

Keep yourself fit (preferably even before pregnancy, of course). Sport did in moderation tons of benefits for pregnant women, among other things, he affects himself favorable to the connective tissue and can thus contribute to that Reduce the risk of stretch marks. You can find out which sports are particularly suitable for pregnant women at:Exercise during pregnancy.

Nutrition for pregnant women

Eat healthy and don't put on more weight than necessary. The greatest risk factor for stretch marks is namely one excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Avoid especially Food that is too salty, too sweet or too fatty and too much meat. Whole grain products, fruits and Vegetables, pasteurized dairy products, little meat and a lot of fish are ideal now. Which Food are good for you now and which ones you should rather take again after the birth, we explain to you under: Nutrition during pregnancy.

Alternating showers

Alternating showers bring your Circulation in swing and strengthen the connective tissue. Change at morning showers easy alternately of warm to cold and back again (always starting from the feet to the heart). However, be careful not to shower too hot. The body of pregnant women is better blood circulation and so can quickly Spider veins, tiny, through the increased blood pressure burst Blood vessels, arise. Therefore, it is better to avoid the sauna and hot baths.


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