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Before you stroke your cat, you should first make sure that your cat wants to be touched.

Children and adults often do not know how to approach and touch their first cat. For example, if you stroke a cat too quickly or too tightly, the house tiger will say it is Discomfort mostly by scratching or biting. Experts therefore recommend letting the cat decide for itself, i.e. people should rely on the Touch permission wait for your cat and let her take control.

Which parts of the body are cats most likely to be petted?

New Zealand psychologist Susan Soennichsen examined the favorite cuddle areas of Cats. Result: that Area around lips and chin as well as the Temporal region (on the head between eye and ear) are among the favorites. In both places there are scent glands that the cat uses for marking.

Tips and rules for the perfect cuddle time

  • The cat should come towards you: Stretch out a hand and let your cat sniff you first (this is especially important during the acclimatization phase of your cat). If she shows no interest or makes a rather suspicious impression, it would be advisable to try it at a later point in time. Sniffed however, she shakes her hand and then rubs her chin or temple or brushes against you with her body, you have her touch permission.
  • Cats virtually demand the required patsby, for example, their Presses head to your hand. Even if you are busy at the moment, you should at least stroke your house tiger a little so that it does not feel left out.
  • If the kitten jumps on your lap and lies down there, you should at first just stroke it briefly. Is it getting restless? Then it probably just enjoys your body heat, but doesn't want to be petted. If, on the other hand, it remains calm, you can gently stroke the spine, lips and chin or the temples.
  • Cats love to be petted when they are lying on your side.
  • The purr a cat is an expression for that Desire for attention. If your cat's purring is accompanied by hip or head nudges, it will want to be petted immediately. Sometimes a single stroke is enough (for example when you come in the door - similar to a greeting).
  • Flat-fitting cat ears, a twitching tail, restless behavior as growl and hiss are signs that your cat has had enough of petting.
  • If you scratch your kitten's chin, you should Use fingertips and fingernails. Focus on the area where the jawbone joins the skull. If your kitten lifts its chin, it will enjoy the caresses.
  • When massaging the temple region, you should apply light pressure with your fingertips.
  • Cats especially like it when you gently follow her face with the back of your hand. Once cats are in a petting mood, they like it when their entire face is embraced and you take them paws the top of the head with his thumb.
  • Stroking the cat from head to tail: First stroke the forehead and then let your hand slide down from the forehead to the base of the tail. You massage the neck muscles with gentle pinching. Apply light pressure and repeat this slowly over and over. If the cat likes it, it will arch its back. Do not stay in one place, but keep your hand in motion even when scratching.

What should be avoided?

The need for petting can vary depending on the breed of cat.
  • Petting a cat definitely not against the grain, i.e. not from the tail towards the forehead!
  • Don't pat your cat.
  • Stay away from the cat's belly! Some cats lie on their backs when they are relaxed. However, you should not interpret this as an invitation to scratch your stomach. Many cats don't like this as the abdomen is a vulnerable area to protect.
  • Use caution when approaching a cat's paw. Many cats don't like this at all. Contact with the paws of strange cats should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Final notes

Cats are very different. Especially at the beginning you should therefore pay attention to which petting techniques your cat particularly likes and which cause her discomfort. You should then avoid things that your cat does not like if possible, only then can you be sure that your cat enjoys the contact as much as you do. Depending on Cat breed can he The need for petting vary, read more underWhich breeds of cats are very affectionate?

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